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Tom Brady Called 'Racist' on Social Media for Winning Super Bowl During Black History Month

Tom Brady Called 'Racist' on Social Media for Winning Super Bowl During Black History Month
AP Photo/Ashley Landis

Many watched Tom Brady lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The game marked the franchise’s second Super Bowl victory and Tom Brady’s seventh. Brady’s epic accomplishment has earned him the title of the greatest quarterback of all time, but many on Twitter appeared to have been triggered by Brady’s victory.

Brady is no stranger to criticism, of course. Last week, Nancy Armour attacked him in USA Today for not only being white, but for his apparent support for Donald Trump. Now, Twitter users are calling his victory over Patrick Mahomes “racist” … because it happened during Black History Month.

Is it possible some of these people were joking? I hope they all were because of how ridiculous this suggestion is. Were the Buccaneers not entitled to play to win the Super Bowl because they have a white quarterback? Did Tom Brady have to allow himself to be outplayed by Patrick Mahomes because of his race? Is the Left seriously so obsessed with race that activists feel that white athletes have an obligation to not outshine their black opponents during Black History Month?

I’d really like to believe these people are just joking, but there are too many tweets for that to be true.


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