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Biden's National Guard Scandal Won't Go Away With a Photo Op and Cookies From Jill Biden

Biden's National Guard Scandal Won't Go Away With a Photo Op and Cookies From Jill Biden
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The Biden administration is clearly trying to clean up the mess of one of its first big scandals by sending first lady Jill Biden to the rescue. With cookies!

As PJM’s Tyler O’Neil reported earlier, on Thursday evening, “hundreds of National Guard troops were forced to sleep in a parking lot after they had been mysteriously booted from the U.S. Capitol,” after being brought in to secure the inauguration from alleged threats that never materialized. Prior to this huge demonstration of disrespect, these same troops had to be vetted by the FBI over alleged fears of an insider attack—despite there being no intelligence a threat ever existed.

After being booted from the Capitol, approximately 5,000 National Guardsmen were forced to sleep in a parking garage overnight, prompting President Trump to reportedly come to the rescue and offer National Guardsmen still stationed at the Capitol lodging at his hotel in Washington, D.C.

This scandal has been a public relations nightmare for the Biden administration, already defending itself from accusations of hypocrisy after Biden and his family went maskless on federal property hours after he signed an executive order mandating that masks be worn at all times on federal property and in federal buildings. Not only did the Biden administration treat National Guardsman so poorly and disrespectfully, but President Trump had to jump in to make things right. There were even a few Democrats in Congress who were outraged at how these troops were treated.

So, they sent First Lady Jill Biden out with cookies for a photo-op to make it all better.

Instead of a public apology or real leadership from Joe Biden, his wife came out with cookies. Where’s the accountability? Joe Biden repeatedly claimed during the campaign that “character matters,” yet he sent his wife to do a photo op when he should have made a public apology for how his administration exploited and then mistreated thousands of National Guardsman.

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