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WATCH: Joe Biden Violated His Mask Mandate Within Hours of Signing It

WATCH: Joe Biden Violated His Mask Mandate Within Hours of Signing It
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool

One of Joe Biden’s first acts after taking the oath of office was signing an executive order requiring a federal mask mandate, dictating that “individuals in Federal buildings and on Federal lands should all wear masks, maintain physical distance, and adhere to other public health measures, as provided in CDC guidelines.”

“Wearing masks isn’t a partisan issue — it’s a patriotic act that can save countless lives,” Biden said in a tweet Wednesday evening. “That’s why I signed an executive order today issuing a mask mandate on federal property. It’s time to mask up, America.”

But I guess saving lives is for everyone else, not Joe Biden or his family.

The same night, Joe Biden made his “primetime debut” as president during remarks delivered from the Lincoln Memorial—a federal memorial on federal land that Biden surely recognizes from the penny. During this visit, he was captured on video violating the mask mandate he’d said could “save countless lives.”

While Biden’s claim that mask-wearing can save lives is dubious, he nevertheless signed the mandate, arguing that point. Regardless of whether he actually personally believes it is irrelevant, he clearly expects everyone to follow it, even if he doesn’t. Worse yet, Biden actually addressed the media sans mask, apparently unconcerned about being called out for his blatant hypocrisy. By his own words, Joe Biden committed an unpatriotic act by violating his own mask mandate while members of the media did.

Biden’s grandchildren were also seen not wearing masks at the event while posing for a photograph.

President Trump’s family was widely criticized for not wearing masks during the first presidential debate. Will Joe Biden and his family receive equal criticism from the media for not only not wearing masks but for specifically violating Joe’s executive order?

I’m not going to hold my breath.

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