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Ted Cruz: Senate Will Confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court Before Election Day

Erin Scott/Pool via AP

Republicans have promised a swift confirmation for Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, but on Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz told Breitbart News that she will be confirmed by the end of October—before the election.

“I think she’s going to do very, very well at the confirmation hearings, and I’m confident that we will have the votes and that we’ll confirm by the end of the month before Election Day,” he said.

Cruz believes that the Democrats, fearing a 6-3 majority on the highest court in the nation, will sink to new lows.

“The threat of this Supreme Court vacancy, before the vacancy the hard left was already enraged and filled with fury and hatred for President Trump, and after the vacancy, to borrow a line from Spinal Tap; now it goes to 11,” he said.

“They’re just out of their minds with fury, and so … the day her name was put forth, a couple of different Democrat operatives targeted her kids and began to begin attacking her young children, I got to say kids should be completely off bounds and then the fact that they would even consider going after young children I think is despicable. That’s actually one of the things that I shared with Judge Barrett when we sat down and visited yesterday, I said, listen, I can’t control what the Democrats do and if they target your family but, I can promise you that I and others will do everything we can to defend your family if it gets ugly, which it can,” Cruz added.

Cruz fully expects Democrats to target her Catholic faith again.

“We’ve also seen, and we know they’re going to do it again, they’re going to target her faith. And we know that because they did when she was being confirmed to the Court of Appeals,” Cruz said. “The degree to which Democrats have been making the case that if you’re a Catholic, if you’re [evangelical], if you’re an Orthodox Jew, if you’re a person of faith, you can’t serve the judiciary you can’t serve in public office, I think it’s wrong, but it’s also unconstitutional.”

Cruz noted that the U.S. Constitution specifically prohibits a religious litmus test for public office.

Amy Coney Barrett was officially nominated to the Supreme Court last Saturday. Several Democrats have already refused to even meet with her, arguing they don’t want to legitimize the process.


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