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Iranian Forces 'Appear to Be Standing Down,' Trump Announces in Remarks About Conflict [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump delivers a statement on the ballistic missile strike that Iran launched against Iraqi air bases housing U.S. troops, at the White House, Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

UPDATE, 11:38 A.M. ET: President Trump got off to a late start, but right away declared, “As long as I am president of the United States, Iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.”

Trump confirmed that no Americans were harmed in the attack. No Iraqi lives were lost either. In addition to no casualties, there was minimal damage, and according to Trump, while US forces are prepared for anything, Iranian forces “appear to be standing down.”

Trump was clear that he’s not going to kick the can down the road when it comes to dealing with the Iran problem. “For far too long, all the way back to 1979, to be exact, nations have tolerated Iran’s destructive and destabilizing behavior in the Middle East and beyond. Those days are over.”

Trump stated that Soleimani, whom he described as the “world’s top terrorist” was “planning new attacks on American targets, but we stopped him.” He continued, “He trained terrorist armies, including Hezbollah, launching terrorist strikes against civilian targets. He fueled bloody civil wars all across the region. He viciously wounded and murdered thousands of U.S. troops, including the planting of roadside bombs that maim and dismember their victims.”

Trump didn’t mince words when it came to talking about how we got to this situation and blamed Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran for the situation. “The very defective JCPOA expires shortly anyway and gives Iran a clear and quick path to nuclear breakout. Iran must abandon its nuclear ambitions and end its support for terrorism,” Trump said.

“They chanted ‘death to America’ the day the deal was signed,” he said and pointed out that the missiles shot at U.S. forces were funded by money given to Iran by Obama because of the nuclear deal.

Trump also announced new sanctions on Iran. “The United States will immediately impose additional punishing economic sanctions on the Iranian regime,” he said.”These powerful sanctions will remain until Iran changes its behavior.”

It’s quite clear that Trump isn’t planning a military response to this attack yet, but new sanctions against Iran show that he’s sending a message that their behavior will not be tolerated.

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President Trump will address the nation Wednesday morning to discuss America’s response to the ballistic missile attacks on Iraqi bases housing U.S. troops, which were carried out by Iran. The attack was the most significant act of aggression by Iran against America since the 1979 seizing of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

Trump is scheduled to speak at 11 am ET. Watch below.