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Elizabeth Warren Falsely Suggests She Couldn't Go to College Because She Couldn't Afford It

Elizabeth Warren Falsely Suggests She Couldn't Go to College Because She Couldn't Afford It
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On Monday, Senator Elizabeth Warren posted a video of herself visiting her high school. “By the time I graduated high school, my folks couldn’t even afford a college application—much less four years of college,” she says in the video, before delighting us with video of her looking at a trophy case and meeting the high school debate team.

And that’s it. The message of this video was clear: Elizabeth Warren grew up so poor she couldn’t afford college! What she fails to mention is that she did go to college… She went to George Washington University… on a debate scholarship. Why was this little factoid left out of her tweet or her video? Was her desperate attempt to appear relatable to “regular people” so desperate that she deliberately created the false impression she couldn’t afford to go to college, and thus didn’t? If you didn’t know her life story, that’s definitely the impression this tweet and video give.

But that’s not her story at all. She went to George Washington University on a scholarship. That actually makes a great story about how hard work and studying can open up opportunities, but that doesn’t exactly fit with left-wing orthodoxy, so instead she just skips over that detail in order to make it appear she missed out on college because she was poor, and so she wouldn’t have to bring up the fact that she dropped out after two years to get married. High school debate may have given her the opportunity to go to George Washington University, but that was an opportunity wasted just so she could marry a man. How progressive!

Her deception gets worse.

Back in November, she made the following tweet:

Here, in order to make a point about universal college education, she talks about how she eventually got her degree at the University of Houston, which had cheap tuition. Funny how her dropping out of college to get married wasn’t mentioned here, too. Or the fact that the University of Houston wasn’t the only public college with affordable tuition, which means that even if she hadn’t gotten the scholarship to George Washington University, that college was absolutely accessible to her when she graduated high school.

Like her bogus Native American heritage, Elizabeth Warren is desperately trying to hide the fact that she’s wealthy by omitting key facts from her biography in order to create politically convenient narratives about her life story.

I could get into the whole fact that her push for “free” college will only make it more expensive, but why bother?


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