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Amazon Accused of 'Promoting Pedophilia' by Selling 'Daddy's Little Sl*t' T-Shirts

Amazon Accused of 'Promoting Pedophilia' by Selling 'Daddy's Little Sl*t' T-Shirts

Retail giant Amazon has come under fire for selling children’s t-shirts with “Daddy’s Little Sl*t” printed on them, and other inappropriate products for babies and toddlers with similarly disturbing phrases. Yashir Ali, a contributor to New York Magazine and HuffPost, shared the listing on Twitter Friday, calling for its swift removal. “Posting here in hopes it’ll expedite removal from Amazon,” he wrote.

According to The Daily Mail, “The product description claimed the top was ‘suitable’ for various occasions, including baby showers, birthday parties, baptisms, weddings, and baby photography.” Outrage spread quickly on social media. and the product was removed.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to The Independent that the T-shirt in question had been removed.

“All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account,” they said. “The product in question is no longer available.”

The third-party retailer, Onlybabycare, has hundreds of printed clothes for children, spanning over 280 pages. Most of the pages I reviewed didn’t have anything offensive or inappropriate, but there still may be similarly disgusting products. In fact, even while that shirt was removed, users discovered other retailers with similar products still available on the site.

‘Amazon makes it very hard to contact them, but I just wrote through chat. Said it sexualized children and promoted pedophilia,’ one woman commented.

Many people responded with screenshots of the complaints they sent to Amazon, and the product was eventually removed.

Ali later shared a screenshot of the error page, writing: ‘2. It’s been taken down.’

The win was short-lived, however, as other Twitter users pointed out in the comments that the phrase is still featured on various children’s clothing items from numerous third-party retailers on the site.

While Amazon says that sellers need to follow certain guidelines, this is hardly the first time they’ve come under fire for inappropriate products being sold on their site. Back in March, PJ Media’s Megan Fox reported that a third-party retailer was selling sex dolls that look like children on Amazon. Within hours of the story being published, Amazon removed the offensive listings.

It’s strange that child-like sex dolls and pro-pedophile attire elude Amazon’s censors, but last month Amazon deleted two Christian science-fiction books from two different authors that were available for pre-order without explanation. Hours after the initial report by PJ Media, Amazon allowed the books to be re-uploaded to the site, but existing pre-orders were permanently lost.