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Trump Accuses Democrats and 'LameStream Media' of Being Behind New Kavanaugh Smear

Trump Accuses Democrats and 'LameStream Media' of Being Behind New Kavanaugh Smear
President Donald Trump shakes hands with Judge Brett Kavanaugh his Supreme Court nominee, in the East Room of the White House, Monday, July 9, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Saturday evening, the New York Times published an essay revealing a previously unreported allegation against Kavanaugh from his Yale days. The allegation was made by former classmate Max Stier, the president of a Washington, D.C., nonprofit group. Like previous allegations against Kavanaugh, these new allegations were uncorroborated, but the New York Times deemed them worthy of publication anyway. The allegations were known to the FBI and the U.S. Senate during the confirmation hearings but were not investigated at the time.

On Sunday morning, President Trump spoke out in support of Kavanaugh. “Now the Radical Left Democrats and their Partner, the LameStream Media, are after Brett Kavanaugh again, talking loudly of their favorite word, impeachment. He is an innocent man who has been treated HORRIBLY. Such lies about him.” Trump also said they’re trying to “scare him into turning Liberal!”

On this point, I think Trump is wrong. They aren’t trying to scare Kavanaugh to influence his opinions, they are trying to get Kavanaugh impeached. After winning the 2018 midterms, Democrats were reportedly looking into launching their own investigation of Kavanaugh with the goal of impeaching him. It’s clear from social media that the left wants to force him out. #KavanaughLied was trending on Twitter Sunday morning.

In a follow-up tweet, Trump suggested Kavanaugh “should start suing people for libel.”

In case you were wondering, Michael Avenatti has even chimed in:

Make no mistake about it. Democrats realize that they can’t impeach Trump, and so this is all about trying to make the case for impeaching Kavanaugh. This will go nowhere, of course, because, this fresh allegation is as weak as the others. Max Stier, who claims he witnessed Kavanaugh “with his pants down at a different drunken dorm party, where friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student,” has no one to corroborate his story, not even the woman he says was the female student victim.

The Democrats and the media were perfectly willing to destroy a man’s life and reputation over a Supreme Court seat, and obviously, they haven’t given up that goal.

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