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Michigan Approves America’s First Gay Credit Union Because... Discrimination?

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Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker who didn’t want to violate his faith by making a cake for a same-sex wedding, is being sued for the third time. The Christian couple in Oregon who operate Sweet Cake by Melissa has also been forced to defend their religious liberty in the courts for refusing to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. While refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding is considered discrimination, creating a financial institution designed solely for LGBT customers apparently is not, at least, according to the state of Michigan. On Monday, The State of Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services approved a charter for an LGBT credit union:

Michigan on Monday approved a charter for the new financial institution designed for LGBT customers, clearing the way for online service to begin early in 2020.

Superbia Credit Union will offer products which are often outside the scope of a more traditional lender, such as loans for transgender people in the process of transitioning, said Myles Meyers, founder of New York-based Superbia Services Inc., which created the credit union.

“I can walk into a bank or credit union and apply for a loan or credit card or savings accounts and frankly, no problem,” said Meyers. “If I walked in to the same institution with my husband, we can come across different responses and welcome. And this is where it all starts to change for the community.”

Large swaths of corporate America now advertise their support for LGBT rights, and hundreds of companies have signed on to support federal and state laws to give equal protection to the community. A majority of Americans say they support gay marriage.

According to the most recent survey, only 4.5 percent of Americans identify as LGBT.

On their website, Superbia Credit Union says it “exists solely to serve and advocate for the LGBTQ community across the country,” which suggests only those who are LGBT will be welcomed as customers. However, it also says “anyone in support of the LGBTQ affirming mission is welcomed to join and become a member.” Its sign-up page reads, “We seek extraordinary people like you, who believe we deserve to keep the profits of our own efforts,” and asks visitors to “Sign up today and be notified by email when Superbia Credit Union will open its doors to the LGBTQ Community!” Regardless of how you interpret their purpose, one thing is clear: if you’re a Christian who loves your faith, you are not welcome at Superbia Credit Union, despite its self-righteous claim to be an “inclusive organization.”

Now that the charter has been approved, Superbia will soon form a board and hire executives, and discriminate with impunity at the same time Christian business owners have to fight tooth and nail for their religious liberty.