Is It Too Soon to Begin Talking About President Pence?

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

President Pence. Too soon? Probably.

First get a shovel over the Democratic Socialists’ 2020 prospects. Send Biden/Harris packing the way Vice President Mike Pence sent Harris/Biden packing in the VP debate. Get President Trump reelected, and then we can talk about it.

Were not overconfident, nor are we signaling doom and gloom. We’re fighting, and will continue to fight until the last vote is counted or the last Supreme Court decision comes down.

But even if by some calamitous eventualities Joe Biden and Kamala Harris manage to win, we won’t count Mike out, not by a long shot.

The natural assumption has to be that if Trump wins on November 3, Pence will announce his intentions around the midpoint of Trump’s second term, and start seriously running in the run-up year. His prospects will be quite good. All he’ll have to do is add his own stylistic tweaks, allow for changes on the ground, and promise to continue Trump’s America-first doctrine. Find a warrior-mode, Trump-aligned running mate, like Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, or some exemplary female governor or senator—consider it an open question.

Think of it, as Trump might say.

Trump has expressed strong admiration for President Dwight D. Eisenhower, but in fact Mike is, temperamentally speaking, a lot more like Ike. Pence possesses a trait that has become somewhat pejorative over the five years of Trumpservatism, but after the smoke has cleared will be ready to make a comeback: traditional presidentialism. The term “presidential” fell into disfavor for a broad segment of the citizenry because the descriptor came to connote a condition of do-nothing, self-propagating, uni-party stasis characterized by empty rhetoric and broken promises.

A President Pence, however, while exhibiting many of the surface characteristics of traditional presidentialism, will lead from a position of Trump-inspired strength. If elected, he will not take us back to the losing establishment paradigms of unending military misadventure, stupid trade and foreign policy deals, and sovereign-busting, open-borders globalism.

Pence has been qualified to be president since the day he took office, but after two terms a heartbeat away he will have more than earned his stripes. His vice presidency thus far has been a trial by fire and triumph no one could have foreseen, celebrated for a string of unprecedented achievements and filled with unprecedented leftist attacks on the administration he shares. After eight tumultuous years of Trump reaches its denouement, Pence may usher in what George Bush Sr. would describe as a “kinder, gentler” Republican era.

Imagine a commander-in-chief you don’t hear anything about for days on end. A traditionally statesmanlike president whose rightful place in history would be that of a “great consolidator,” who will cement the gains made over the Trump years and protect those gains from tyrannical Marxism. A president who will sedately warn, not about a military-industrial complex, like Ike did, but of a dangerous and abiding leftism bent on shoveling under everything America stands for.

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Will a former President Trump be active in the wings of a Pence administration, advising his former VP in terms of political strategy and policy? One thinks not. After eight years in the co-pilot’s seat, Pence will be ready, willing, and able to put his own brand on the highest office, a less combative, less bellicose brand. He will be able to do that because there is no imaginable scenario under which the Democrats and their accomplice media will go after Pence the way they have gone after Trump. Yes, they will hit him, every chance they get, especially in the social values department. But there’s no way they will be able to generate—within themselves and/or by means of propaganda–the same level of hate.

Too soon? Perhaps. But let’s run with it.

After Trump wins on November 3, Pence will have four more years to demonstrate why he would be the obvious choice and best man for the post-Trump presidency. Freed of the need for reelection in a second term, Trump will double down on his pro-America agenda, and accomplish more great things. With Pence in the wings, moving ever-closer to his own rendezvous with destiny, the vice president will enter the 2024 campaign as the runaway favorite.

And yet, there is another scenario. Again, think of it.

If by some calamitous eventualities Joe Biden should manage to win the 2020 presidential election, the period between 2021 and 2025 will likely devolve into an absolute horror show. There’s no need to flesh out for our informed readers here what a disaster a Democrat White House would be. Allied with potential Democrat houses of Congress, socialist ideology will hatch out and be marched forward with a stridency and relentlessness that will threaten the very foundations of the republic. The rules could be changed so that no Republican ever wins again.

A swordsman was needed in 2016 to confront the Deep State, the sell-out two-party establishment, and the scandal and corruption promulgated by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. Many Christians, in many differing iterations of faith, believe that a divine hand was moving when Donald Trump announced, ran, and won.

On one point there is no argument. As long as there is a menacing underbelly of socialism in our midst, the need for deliverance and salvation will be with us. Election year 2024 is no exception. It takes no great leap of faith to believe that, win or lose in 2020, Mike Pence will be there to answer the call.

Mark Ellis is the author of A Death on the Horizon, a finalist in the 14th annual National Indie Excellence Awards in the category of General Fiction. Follow Mark on Twitter.