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Gun Control Lobby Targets Nevada's Firearm Sanctuaries

Diana Loring, of Reno, left, and Sandy Johnson, of Carson City, right, listen to testimony during a joint meeting of the Assembly and Senate Judiciary committees in the Legislative Building in Carson City, Nev., Monday, April 1, 2019, on A.B. 291 which would ban bump stocks and other firearms modifications. (K.M. Cannon/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP)

If it’s perfectly acceptable to selectively enforce laws disfavored by the left, why not selectively enforce laws disfavored by the right Constitution?

Out in Nevada, (go VGK!) the Brady anti-gun posse is targeting sheriffs who provide a “Second Amendment sanctuary.”

The Brady advocacy group said it believes gun rights advocates improperly orchestrated resolutions by rural lawmakers and sheriffs who say they won’t enforce a new state law requiring background checks on all gun sales, including purchases at gun shows and on the internet.

“These Nevada county commissions and sheriffs have gone rogue,” Brady President Kris Brown said in a statement saying the officials are endangering public safety by declaring they won’t enforce strict background checks.

“If your job is to keep your constituents safe and defend public safety, you should have a vested interest in keeping guns out of dangerous hands,” she said.

Let’s clear up some lies from the lying liar at the Brady operation. Guns purchased on the internet require a background check. Guns purchased at guns shows require a background check. I have purchased firearms both ways.

The law referenced by the Brady clown is a Nevada “law” that barely passed in 2016 but was not acknowledged by then-attorney general Adam Laxalt (R). Laxalt did not recognize the law because the dumb-dumbs at Brady and at other anti-2A groups came into Nevada and wrote a piece of legislation that was error-ridden and impossible to initiate. The referendum didn’t come from Nevadans, it came from the elitist left who are smarter than the good people of Nevada. The initiative, which would become the literal law, ordered the FBI to conduct these mandatory background checks. Guess what the FBI said? NO, we do not conduct background checks. A different agency is responsible for conducting the background checks in Nevada, which the anti-2A freaks didn’t know because they aren’t from Nevada and really don’t know anything about firearms or firearm policy.

Sadly, the new Democrat AG and governor were more than happy to move forward anyway and the law is scheduled to go into effect next January.

A newly Democratic-majority Legislature passed the measure and Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak quickly signed it in February, more than two years after a background check initiative was passed by voters in 2016.

Sisolak called it a memorial to victims of the October 2017 Las Vegas Strip massacre that became the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Nothing in this law would have stopped the Las Vegas Strip massacre.

The Brady gang is filing a bunch of Freedom of Information Act requests for the sanctuary sheriffs’ documents.

The Brady national advocacy group said Tuesday it’s filing freedom-of-information requests for communications involving Douglas, Elko, Lyon and Nye county commissioners, and Eureka, Pershing and Nye county sheriffs.

The sheriffs aren’t on board with the gun control bullies.

Eureka County Sheriff Jesse Watts referred to a letter he sent in February to Sisolak, saying he would “refuse to participate, or stand idly by, while my citizens are turned into criminals due to the unconstitutional actions of misguided politicians.”

“Nowhere in my letter does it say I am not enforcing the law,” Watts said Tuesday.

The Brady stooges are also targeting law enforcement in Illinois, Washington, and Colorado.