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The Morning Briefing: Trump Wants to Release Sketchy FISA Warrant and Much, Much More

The Morning Briefing: Trump Wants to Release Sketchy FISA Warrant and Much, Much More
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Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • President Trump meets with the secretary of State
  • The president delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Trump wants to release sketchy FISA warrants

I cannot wait for this day. FNC host Sean Hannity aired an interview with the president last night and Trump referenced the questionable FISA.

“I have plans to declassify and release. I have plans to absolutely release,” Trump said, adding that he wanted to declassify documents in 2018 but was told by his lawyers not to do it during the Mueller investigation.

“One of the reasons that my lawyers didn’t want me to do it, they said if I do it, they will call it a form of obstruction, so they will say, oh, you released these documents so we would make all of this information transparent,” Trump said of his lawyers advice, declaring, “But at the right time, we will be absolutely releasing it. I did the right thing by not doing it so far.”

Now that the Democrats care about transparency, it’s time to actually be transparent. How these clowns can claim that separate and distinct from the salacious and unverified dossier they had credible evidence that the Trump camp was conspiring with the RUSSIANS, is beyond me. But let’s do this, let’s see what the evidence is because they have spent hours defending the basis for their snoop operation.

Senator Lindsay Graham said he will ask AG Barr to set up a special counsel to look into the circumstances of the FISA. We’ll see.


He’ll get you the report when its ready, pushy lady. Nadler ‘disturbed’ that Barr won’t commit to providing full Mueller report

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Rand: Brennan made sure dossier was included in briefing

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) dropped a bombshell tweet yesterday.

Citing a “high-level source,” Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul charged in a bombshell Twitter post late Wednesday that anti-Trump ex-CIA Director John Brennan “insisted that the unverified and fake Steele dossier” be included in a classified intelligence community report on Russian interference in the 2016 elections — a decision that ultimately lent credibility to the dossier and may have played a key role in fomenting unfounded fears of Russia collusion for two years.

So in other words, Brennan provided the “news hook” the media was waiting for so they could talk about the dossier and humiliate and damage Trump. Brennan gave it to them. No surprise here, Brennan was the ring leader of this entire operation.

Although the decision to brief Trump on the dossier and the intelligence community’s reliance on it, then-FBI Direct James Comey would later testify, was ostensibly intended to make Trump aware of potential blackmail risks, the unexplained and nearly immediate leak of the meeting legitimized the dossier’s significance and prompted a cascade of unfounded media-driven theories about what purportedly compromising information the Russian government may have on the president.

Brennan needs to face justice for his action.

If you read only one thing today–other than the Morning Briefing: Read Lee Smith’s latest at Tablet: “System Fail.” Lee was the first one to nail this collusion racket to Brennan.

Comey’s latest TV appearance

Deep Twitter thinker and fired spook James Comey spoke with Lester Holt last night. I haven’t watched it yet, but as you can see from the media coverage, Comey is unquestionably a partisan participant in this mess.


What kind of idiots are staffing our intel agencies? Comey: When Trump fired me, ‘I thought that’s potentially obstruction of justice’

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Um, I think it was. Comey: Imagine if it were Obama and Iran, not Trump and Russia

Comey Accepts Mueller Finding On Collusion, Defends Opening Russia Probe Anyway

Comey: I don’t know why Mueller didn’t subpoena Trump

State’s Attorney Kim Foxx defends Smollett decision

Questions abound following Chicago officials’ decision to let hate crime hoaxter Jussie Smollett off the hook with a $10k bribe off by forfeiting his bail. Foxx’s actions have come under scrutiny after text messages between Foxx and Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff surfaced, discussing Smollett’s case. Foxx was busy telling the media that this alternative arrangement is not unusual and that she didn’t mean to seal all the documents related to the case. Sure.

Now the feds are curious. “The FBI is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of criminal charges against ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett, two law enforcement officials confirmed.” Meanwhile, Foxx’s office was scrambling to find other examples of cases that were dropped and similar to Smollett’s. Man, this stinks to high hell.

Do you think Foxx’s office would have treated the actual perpetrators of a hate crime with this magical “charges disappearing” act? I bet not.


Booker Pivots To Trump When Asked About Smollett

New film details how Qatar has bought off the D.C. political establishment: watch the short film “Blood Money.”

Your daily WTF:

2 police officers shot after responding to man with sword at Church of Scientology

Historical picture of the day:

Aerial view of Three Mile Island nuclear plant near Harrisburg, Pa., scene of a nuclear accident, Thursday, March 28, 1979. The plant started leaking radioactive steam contaminating the area. (AP Photo)

Other morsels:

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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!