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The Morning Briefing: Election Shenanigans and Much, Much More

The Morning Briefing: Election Shenanigans and Much, Much More
Crowd of protestors gather outside the Broward County of Supervisor of Elections Office as the statewide election recount is underway on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018. (Carl Juste/Miami Herald via AP)

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president has no public events.

I have a holiday weekend version of the Morning Briefing for you. Veterans, thank you for your service!


Election Shenanigans

Democrat Abrams files new suit in Georgia governor’s race “5,000 votes came in Saturday that previously were unknown.”

Rick Scott campaign to file multiple lawsuits

Oh. Sinema continues to expand lead in Arizona Senate race

Florida orders vote recount in Senate, governor races

Attacking acting AG Matt Whitaker

Adam Schiff says if the acting attorney general doesn’t recuse himself from the Mueller probe, he’ll have to answer to Democrats

Democrats vow to tighten the screws on Whitaker

Historical picture of the day:

Pop artist Andy Warhol is seen, Nov. 12, 1969. (AP Photo)

Other morsels:

Centenary of the WWI Armistice, in photos

U.S. marks 100th anniversary of end to WWI with poppies, Bells of Peace

Tucker Carlson broke Fox News’ Twitter blackout that was ordered for him to post a statement about assault allegations

Migrant Caravan Resumes Push To US Border

Digging At Trump? Macron Says ‘Patriotism Is The Exact Opposite Of Nationalism’


Tensions shadow Trump’s France visit

Trump plans to stop disaster relief funds to Puerto Rico

Yes! Ex-Clinton aide: Hillary will run again in 2020

228 people missing after Northern California wildfires: authorities

Looters suspected of impersonating Forest Service workers in California

Trump plans to stop disaster relief funds to Puerto Rico

First Amendment Expert Says CNN Should Sue White House for Revoking Acosta’s Press Pass

USS Ronald Reagan warplane crashes in second incident in a month

Incoming House Dem committee chairs say they will investigate Trump, within limits

House Democrats plan to review Trump’s role in hush money payments in next Congress, source says

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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