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Congressional Black Caucus Prepares to Disrupt House Floor with Gun Control Propaganda

(AP Photo)

The Congressional Black Caucus is planning to disrupt the House when it returns to session today.

According to a memo obtained by the Washington Examiner, the CBC instructed its members “to be as disruptive to Speaker Ryan as possible next week” for a “day of action on the floor in regards to gun violence.”

C-SPAN viewers will be forced to suffer through “members giving speeches throughout the day calling for further federal restrictions on the possession and use of guns. The memo also asks members to be present for a House Rules Committee that afternoon regarding on the terrorism and gun control legislation slated for action on the floor Wednesday.”

The CBC issued a directive to members to bring pictures of constituents killed by gun fire.

Why aren’t these activist congressmen as attentive to the massive gun-violence death toll accumulating in gun-controlled cities run by their Democrat colleagues? Thirty-three people were shot over the weekend in the very gun-hostile city of Chicago.