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Last-Minute Gifts for the Christmas Procrastinator

Don’t be ashamed, this is a safe procrastinator space.

There are many reasons for waiting until the last minute to purchase your Christmas gifts. Few experiences are more unpleasant than spending time at the local mall, and you certainly don’t want to hang around here in the next few days.

Let’s say you just woke up this morning, realized that Christmas is in three days and you are sorely lacking in the Christmas gifts department. Here are some last-minute options to cover your Christmas gift bases.

Amazon. You should have Amazon Prime no matter what. If you do, you have a brief window to order physical gifts to be delivered in time for Christmas. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, why not give the gift of an Amazon Prime membership to someone else (after you buy a membership for yourself)? What’s not to love: you get free streaming videos, free music, and free two-day shipping, just to name a few of the features.

The keys for procrastinator gifts are subscriptions. The lucky recipients will think of you every month when they get a box of goodies or a monthly delivery rather than identifying you as a procrastinator.

For the Man in Your Life

Dollar Shave Club Give the gift of not worrying about how to refresh one’s razor supply. And every morning, your chosen gift recipients will think of you as they are dealing with their shaving needs, stress-free.

Black Socks Subscription or Sockscription — Who doesn’t need more socks? Everyone can use more socks. You can select the interval you’d like for sock delivery: every two, three or four months. You can even chose the sock colors. What if your recipient isn’t into socks? These folks offer subscriptions for t-shirts, underwear, and even business shirts.

Maybe you have a manly, outdoors-y guy on your list. No worries, here is BattlBox, the monthly subscription full of “hand-picked tactical, survival, EDC, and cool gear from some of the most innovative companies.” The prices for subscriptions run the gamut, starting at $24.99 to $149.99 a month.

Do you have a geeky, gamer man on your hands? Here’s the Geek Fuel subscription box.  This box is chock full of gamer goodies, and always includes a t-shirt. Subscriptions start at $68 for three months of surprises.

For the Ladies

There are so many gift boxes for women, there’s bound to be something for whatever kind of woman you need to gift. Check out all kinds of options here.

Beauty boxes are very popular, and include various samples of popular or interesting products every month. Many include discounts on full-size products or offer other membership features like sales or exclusive items.  Some options start at the low end with a Walmart box for $5 a month and go up from there. Birch Box is popular at $10 a month, or you could go for a Korean beauty selection with Beauteque’s Mask Maven Box or Mishi Box.  Other beauty subscription options include ScentBird for the perfume lover, or a monthly delivery of nail polish. I like Cult Beauty out of England, but it’s sold out right now.


If your lady friend likes shoes, a monthly subscription to ShoeDazzle will get your chosen recipient a monthly pair of shoes. Now, I think most of these shoes are ugly, but de gustibus non est disputandum.

For the fitness fanatic, Fabletics offers monthly athletic outfits for $49.95 a month and your gifted can chose the outfit in case your taste in workout wear isn’t up to snuff.


Perhaps there is chef on your list. Blue Apron sends you all the ingredients for a meal that needs only to be cooked. Or, give a subscription from a local organic farm full of fresh, seasonal produce from Farm Fresh to You.


And if you want to send a special kind of message to your lady friend, you can purchase a subscription to a monthly lingerie box.


Other Last Minute Possibilities

Magazine subscriptions. I recommend Garden & Gun.

Restaurant gift certificates from Open Table.

Movie gift certificates, especially since it’s so expensive to get snacks at the theater these days.

NRA membership. Why not help to keep the left from taking away your Second Amendment rights? It’s also fun for liberal relatives.

No matter what you choose to give, have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your time with friends and family.