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Gun Rights Activists Face Counter-Demonstrators Brandishing Sex Toys at UT Austin

On Saturday, gun rights activists held a march and a mock mass shooting near the University of Texas, Austin campus where they were met with opponents waving sex toys. The New York Post reports that the open-carry posse was outnumbered by the sex-toy crowd.

It is Austin, after all.

were warned not to hold their event on campus grounds lest it be considered trespassing. Matthew Short, a spokesman for Come and Take It Texas and, explained about the event:

The group also held a fake mass shooting event involving ketchup and body outlines. “You never know when a terrorist is going to strike, and it could be any place or any time,” Mark Nachreiner said of the mock shooting.  “So it happened exactly in the right way.”

The opposition campaign was inspired by #cocksnotglocks to use sex toys to demonstrate “the absurdity of laws that allow guns on campus.” The event protesters also had fart machines. The #cocksnotglocks campaign garnered national attention when students “won” the right to carry concealed firearms on the grounds of public campuses in Texas. UT Austin students carried dildos on campus to show….I don’t know what.

“I think everybody here is looking for common sense,” UT alum Mat Thompson said, dildo in hand. “We have to protest idiocy with idiocy.”

Half of that statement is right. It’s not “idiocy” for students who can otherwise conceal and carry most everywhere else to be allowed to carry on a college campus. What’s so different about concealing on a college campus than a shopping mall or restaurant?

“Those areas might as well be marked ‘killing zones,’” said Tammy Coontz, a protester who drove from Lewisville to attend. “I’m not going into any place that’s a gun-free zone — ‘come and rob us,’ period,” she said. “If they’re telling me my life isn’t worth saving, why should I give them my money?”

On the other hand, Dawson Weehunt, a sophomore at Austin Community College, came to protest with the sex toy crew.  “Walking around here trying to scare everybody — that’s like, the definition of terrorism,” Weehunt said. “These are absolutely terrorists.”

Actually, it’s not terrorism. You know what’s terrorism? ACTUAL TERRORISM.