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Shark Disguised as Baby in Shark-Napping Attempt

In a bizarre “shark-napping” attempt, three people stole a horn shark from an aquarium in San Antonio, Texas. Miss Helen, as she was called, wasn’t just swiped from a tank. The suspects had clearly planned to steal the shark, since they wrapped her in a wet blanket, placed her in a bucket and wheeled her away in a baby carriage after removing her from her tank. Yes, the perpetrators disguised a shark as a baby to get away with the crime. And the crime occurred during Shark Week, of all times.

According to Sky News, “Several tips from the public allowed police to identify the truck used to steal the animal and two people later confessed.” Police later arrested a 38-year-old man.

The 18-inch shark was driven away from the aquarium, and it was feared that it wouldn’t survive the trip. But fortunately, when Miss Helen was recovered, she was returned safely to her home.

The suspect, it seems, had a good understanding of how to deal with such animals. Police discovered an elaborate aquarium at his home, where several other marine animals were living. When he stole the horn shark from its tank, he knew what he had to do to ensure her health and survival afterward.