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Downton Abbey Announces Production on Full-Length Film!


If you can breathe, then you are probably aware of the Downton Abbey craze that has taken hold of the country. The British historical drama (or what some people would call a soap opera at its very best) aired for six seasons from 2010-2015 and Americans streamed it any which way they could.

Some very exciting news was just announced for fans of the show: there will officially be a Downton Abbey movie, starring the original principal cast! The drama will begin production this summer, but unfortunately a release date has yet to be confirmed.

Needless to say, some very enthusiastic people were talking about the news online.

The announcement was first made by the official Downton Abbey Twitter page:

And people were pretty psyched:

Even the cast got in on the action:

Some people had an interesting idea of how to release it:

We’re screaming too, Natasha. We feel you:

We can’t wait either!

Oh Maggie.

The news is certainly worthy of a new hat. We should all wear our best to the cinemas on opening weekend!

The future is looking pretty good right about now:

Who will you be impersonating following this news?

We want to know what you’re most excited about!