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Superstitious England Fans Ramp Up Their 'Lucky' Pre-Game Rituals

An England soccer fan cheers at the 2018 soccer World Cup, in Hyde Park, London, Wednesday, July 11, 2018. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

When it comes to sports, most people understand how important it is to do everything in their power to ensure that their team wins. Fans have been known to engage in superstitious behavior for as long as there have been teams to get behind. Chariot races in Ancient Roman times? You betcha there were people who refused to change their togas until their favorite chariot crossed that line first.

Currently, England fans are getting particularly nervous since their soccer team has a decent shot at the World Cup final. Several people took to Twitter to reveal the superstitious behavior they have adopted so as not to jinx their team’s chance at the cup.

First, you have your typical folks who refuse to change a particular part of their wardrobe in the off-chance that it has somehow contributed to the team’s success thus far:

Then you’ve got those who refuse to groom:

Then there are those who firmly believe that grime and funk are involved in their team’s wins:


This guy is such a fan that he won’t even watch the games for fear that he’ll ruin everything for them:

And yes, some say that bird poop is good luck, but this might be stretching it a bit:

And then there’s this guy who is pretty much afraid to blink differently until England brings the cup home:

Who knows? Maybe it’s all that lucky ju-ju from unwashed socks and jerseys that is keeping the team going!