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Record 48 Babies Born in Two Days at Texas Hospital

Oh, baby baby baby! If there was any concern about a population decline, people should rest easy. At least people in Texas, that is. Last week at the Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, a record 48 babies were born in just 41 hours. Needless to say, at more than one baby per hour, the nursery was pretty busy.

Whether you believe it or not, a full moon might have been to blame for the arrival of all those little bundles of joy:

Despite the extremely busy two days, the hospital was ready to handle it. According to, the most babies are born in July, August, and September. (The slowest month tends to be February, in case you were wondering.) “Extra staff was called in; pizza ordered and even after 48 babies in a short span of time, they are ready for more. ‘We are trained for this,’ [nursing director, Michelle Stemley] said.”

Doctors and nurses worked round the clock to check all the patients in and make everyone comfortable:

Apparently this particular baby boom wasn’t the only one recorded in recent days in Texas:

And among the 48 babies born in less than two days at Baylor Scott, the most popular name was Isaiah.