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Welcome to the West Coast: Man Swipes $100 Worth of Suds (Again), Store Does Nothing

Welcome to the West Coast: Man Swipes $100 Worth of Suds (Again), Store Does Nothing
(Logan Police Department via AP)

A man came into a Seattle grocery store for some beer, filled his cart, and left without paying.

According to the video narrator, apparently a store employee, this isn’t the thief’s first-time cold brew rodeo. He mentions that the store will do nothing and further alleges the thief has been in before to snag some free barley-pops.


The high-end grocery store, QFC, is down with “woke.” Their Twitter page has a “pinned” tweet that gives new meaning to “virtue signaling.”

To our Black associates, customers and allies: We are committed to doing better as a company to support racial equity and justice. Today, we are establishing a $5 million fund through The Kroger Co. Foundation for improving diversity, equity and inclusion:

Does QFC consider the repeat beer thief to be a customer or an ally?


The brau-meister heister keeps his head low, his pants down and his mask on as he sheepishly purloins five cases of Corona.

Pro-tip: If a woke grocery store allows you to swipe beer, take a peek at the micro-brew section before filling your cart. Corona is cheap, and frankly not worth the possibility of bumping into a cop on the way out.

That’s a joke. DON’T STEAL BEER.

So much for AOC’s belief that people are just stealing bread to feed their families.

Most of the west coast seems to be okay with shoplifting. Many cities will actually allow people to swipe up to $950 worth of swag.

Check out left-leaning NBC hiding the faces of thieves in the video below. Heaven forbid we identify criminals.

MSN goes so far as to state Walgreens closed 17 stores in San Francisco alone because of “organized crime.”

That’s not Al Capone swiping designer jackets, cold meds, and beer.

Here’s the fun part: as Biden drives up prices for law-abiding citizens, the left allows people to swipe whatever they want. And based on videos, few, if any, are swiping food to feed their families—unless they’re gorging on cheap beer and Gucci bags.


Beef is up 20.1%, for those of us who obey the law and pay for things. Stores in Libtopia Seattle are closing due to crime, much of which is shoplifting.

Why has the left allowed crime to surge? It’s almost as if they are trying to destabilize our nation.

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