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Alec Baldwin's Gun Didn't 'Accidentally Discharge,' But Gun Owners Already Know That

Alec Baldwin's Gun Didn't 'Accidentally Discharge,' But Gun Owners Already Know That
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I just need to get this out before my spleen explodes: As every responsible gun owner probably knows, actor Alec Baldwin’s firearm discharge wasn’t “accidental,” it was negligent. An accidental discharge happens when, for example, you pull up your pants and your gat goes off. A negligent discharge is when a gun is purposefully discharged but in a negligent manner. Like, if a film crew member says, “We need to shoot that again” and you pick up your REAL gun and say, “How about if I shoot you two instead” and you shoot them.

The “prop” gun Alec Baldwin shot two people with had been accidentally OR negligently discharged, at least twice, several days earlier, according to film crew members working on the movie Rust. Alec Baldwin’s stunt-double somehow discharged the gun twice on the Bonanza Creek Ranch movie set. Apparently, he was told the gun was “cold,” meaning it wasn’t loaded with bullets or blanks.

“There should have been an investigation into what happened,” a film crew member stated to reporters. “There were no safety meetings. There was no assurance that it wouldn’t happen again. All they wanted to do was rush, rush, rush.”

Another member of the crew reportedly texted a production manager, stating that the same gun had been accidentally discharged three times.

“We’ve now had three accidental discharges. This is super unsafe,” the text read.

Some crew members of the film shoot walked off the set over safety concerns hours before the deadly accident.

How Can a Prop Gun Discharge?

Not all “prop guns” are unworkable weapons. Sometimes real guns are used on set, especially for close-ups, because they look authentic.

Who Is to Blame?

Wow, I can think of a few. Let’s start with the “armourer” or “gun wrangler.” She is a 24-year-old former model. Her job is to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen, yet it did, several times, as the crew mentioned. I don’t know her qualifications. I have no idea if she grew up around guns, has National Rifle Association (NRA) weapons training, or got the job because she is someone’s latest muse niece.

Whoever hired her is suspect too. Did that person look into the armourer’s qualifications?  I promise you that more than one reader here at PJ Media would LOVE to get paid to wrangle guns for Hollywood. And they’d know how to do it. How many of you would take charge of Hollywood guns for $300 per day? Please let me know in the comments section. Keep in mind, you’ll have to deal with jackpuddings like Baldwin.

What about Baldwin himself? Is he culpable? The internet is full of jokes at the progressive snob’s expense. Word on the street is that he was screaming, “Why was I handed a hot gun!” as his victims lay bleeding. Instead of attacking responsible gun owners for years, maybe Alec should have taken ONE DAY out of his life to attend a gun-training program with the NRA. Or, maybe, learned how to apply a t-shirt to a gunshot wound until the medics arrive.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m only one bourbon into the evening and I’m mad at Baldwin. My dad bought me my first gun, a bolt-action .410 from Montgomery Ward, after a neighbor was attacked when I was growing up in Detroit. I was ten years old. I’m 55 now and I’ve never shot anyone or accidentally come close.

Bruce Lee’s son Brandon was killed when wadding from a blank got stuck in a gun and was propelled into him the next time it was fired. It should have been checked. Every Hollywood gun should be inspected after EVERY use.

Who cares if Alec Baldwin, a famously obnoxious and occasionally violent reprobate, is in a hurry? Check the gun.

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The internet is full of idiots. Far be it from us to make fun of their bad day. But let us learn from their mistakes.

Here is one of the most famous videos of a “gun enthusiast” shooting himself in the leg. Don’t try this at home.

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