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Second Explosion Rocks Kabul

Second Explosion Rocks Kabul
AP Photo/Khwaja Tawfiq Sediqi

Two explosions have now rocked Kabul, one near the airport’s Abbey Gate and a second at a nearby hotel. Both are reportedly the work of suicide bombers.

One of the explosions was at the Baron Hotel, where Western soldiers and journalists are known to be staying. The Taliban claims that 13 people were killed, including children.

The explosion at the airport’s gate is said to have wounded three U.S. marines, with unconfirmed reports stating that up to ten have been injured.

The bombings came after warnings of a possible attack over the past few days. UK Armed Forces Minister James Heappey earlier told the BBC that the threat was “severe” and possibly “imminent.”

Small arms fire followed both explosions.

The Pentagon said there have been a number of casualties, in what it calls a “complex attack.”

Thousands of Afghans have gathered near the airport. U.S. forces are trying to evacuate Americans as well as Afghans who worked with the West over the past 20 years.

PJM’s Rick Moran reported that Taliban forces are going door-to-door, executing Afghans who worked with Western powers.

The British reportedly believe ISIS-K is likely behind the attack.