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Taliban Now Confiscating Civilians' Guns

Taliban Now Confiscating Civilians' Guns
AP Photo/Zabi Karimi

This Never Ends Well

The Taliban have begun collecting firearms from civilians and security workers, proving what we knew all along: They must be Democrats.

As thousands of people flee Kabul, carloads of heavily armed Taliban fighters are patrolling the streets and entering houses at will to disarm the Afghan people.

A Taliban official said that Afghans will no longer need weapons to be safe. He went on to say that while he understood why people kept guns in the past, there is no need to anymore. He further stated that the Taliban had no intention of harming innocent civilians. Where have we seen this before?

Life During Wartime

Everything is different now in Kabul. Outdoor advertisements featuring women are being painted over. Western clothing is being discarded. Women, some of them too young to know what’s it’s like to live under Taliban rule, are now purchasing burkas for the first time, as this has been decreed by the Taliban.

Many are worried that  young girls will not be able to return to school as the Islamist group enforces its power over the country.

As the Taliban flexed its muscles around Kabul, thousands scrambled to the city’s Hamid Karzai International Airport on Monday in an effort to escape the totalitarian regime. Five people have reportedly died at the airport, two of whom were shot by U.S. forces, in separate instances. They also fired into the air to disperse crowds.

Some Afghans clung to the wheel wells of C-17 transport planes, only to fall and land throughout the city–some even on houses. All of this continues as the Taliban “promise” amnesty to anyone that worked for, or with, the American military, despite shouting “Death to America” to reporters in a mostly peaceful and friendly manner.

Speaking of collecting guns, the Taliban have been seen in recently released video​s​ celebrating  seizing U.S. Humvees, tanks, and assault vehicles, as well as an enormous pile of guns.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan laid it out at a White House presser:

“We don’t have a complete picture, obviously, of where every article of defense materials has gone but certainly, a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the Taliban, and obviously, we don’t have a sense that they are going to readily hand it over to us at the airport.”

“Those Blackhawks were not given to the Taliban” Sullivan continued. “They were given to the Afghan national security forces to be able to defend themselves at the specific request and President Ghani who came to the Oval Office and asked for additional air capability, among other things.”

Maj. Gen. Hank Taylor was asked Monday at a Pentagon briefing what the U.S. was doing to prevent military equipment from being taken by the Taliban.

“I don’t have an answer for that,” he responded.