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Daily Dose of Downey: Jan. 6 Show Trial Proves That Democrats Think You're Stupid

(AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Cry Baby Cry

The Democrat party is banking on two things: conservatives being stupid and the GOP being too polite to strongly oppose them. I can’t argue their point on the GOP. Sure, there is some hope. A handful of GOP representatives have been demanding answers from Attorney General Merrick Garland about the treatment of January 6 protestors. Garland remains as quiet as Boo Radley, but it’s nice to see Republicans stir up the mud.

Another Serving of Jack Pudding

I don’t know if I’m offended that the Democrats think we are stupid, or if I’m embarrassed at their lack of self-respect. I couldn’t get through too much of the clown-porn January 6 hearing. I really thought the lickspittles of the Democrat party hit an all-time toady low when they took an eight-minute knee for career criminal George Floyd while wearing African garb. I wish they had done something similar to honor David Carradine. Yet they have out-shamed themselves again with yesterday’s well-rehearsed but poorly performed drama-rama fest.

FACT-O-RAMA! Liberals love violence when it goes their way.

Crocodile Tears

Antifa thugs have been assaulting cops for well over a year. They did it for over 100 nights in Portland alone. They threw frozen bottles of water, rocks,  and anything else they could find at police officers. They pointed lasers at their eyes. They set fire to buildings with cops inside. Some threw Molotov cocktails at cops. When high-ranking Democrats were asked about the brutal Antifa attacks, Jerry Nadler had the nads to say Antifa is a “myth.” Joe Biden called Antifa an “idea.” Yet when Capitol police, some with far-left opinions, began to recall January 6, some Democrats had the audacity to hit the waterworks. How do we know this is fake? Because vampires don’t cry.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger didn’t shed a tear when the nancy-boys of Antifa tried to set fire to police officers again and again, but he worked up some “method acting” magic yesterday. Uta Hagen would be proud!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Adam Schiff had to throw his hat in for a Democrat Emmy. How can people vote for these cowplops?

It’s Not You, It’s Them

The party that lost the support of police unions and voted to defund, if not dismantle, the cops suddenly weeps like diapered toddlers for them? We don’t buy it. The circus clowns squirting a few eye-droppings aren’t trying to convince us of their newfound feelings for law enforcement. What we are watching is being done for their own choir. To convince them that Trump supporters are such violent, racist insurrectionists that they can make our “strong” leaders weep. They are only trying to prevent Trump from winning in 2024, and it isn’t the first time they’ve humiliated themselves with fake tears over Trump.

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