Daily Dose of Downey: Hammer Chick Is a Racist, Cop Cams Work if You Let Them

Image by Benjamin Nelan from Pixabay

Well, Well, Well

When America-hating Olympic hammer tosser Gwen Berry isn’t chucking tools, she is making tweets that some find racist and offensive. Berry recently made headlines when she refused to face the American flag after taking third place in a “sport” no one has heard of because, you guessed it, America is racist.

Pot Calling the Hammer Black

I’m sure if you replaced the words “white” “Asian” and “Mexican”  with “black” in the tweets Gwen wrote, Berry would put down her hammer and throw a tantrum worthy of a Nike endorsement. She even slips in the word “retarded.” Someone please tell her the black stripe on her lips looks retarded.

Picture Perfect

Minneapolis police are looking for the criminal prodigy who climbed a pole and spray-painted a camera that WOULD have caught a protestor getting killed in a crash and possibly led to an arrest. This should be an easy collar considering the camera snapped ideal pictures of the “street artist.” I’m shocked the whiz-kid vandal didn’t say “Cheese” before posing for these snaps. Let’s see if the defunded cops can spare the time to find him.

Defund the Police and What Happens

A Brooklyn woman was tackled to the ground and groped in broad daylight. The disturbing video is hard to watch as it shows just how brazen criminals have become and how easy it is to become a sex-crime victim.  The degenerate stalks the woman, jumps on her back, and knocks her down. He then puts his hand down the back of her pants and gropes her. The future rapist then makes his escape, but not before providing some clear-cut pics for the NYPD.

There have been roughly 2,200 sex crimes committed in New York City this year.

Heat and Humidity + Chicago = BANG!

The temperature in Chicago this weekend will reach the mid to high 80s, but the real feel will be redrum. Independence Day weekend in Chicago is traditionally a “Celebration of Lead,” and the heat and humidity promise to do their part to keep the Windy City tradition alive. The highly acclaimed crime reporting site is predicting 100+ shootings during this long and traditionally violent weekend.

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June 2021 saw 82 people killed and 415 Chicagoans wounded. Of those killed, 68 were black, nine were Hispanic, and five were white. These stats include an Hispanic couple pulled from their car and executed. Local media was quick to release a video of the murders but blur the face of the shooter. Now the same news outlet is suggesting the Puerto Rican Day festivities are to blame for the killing of the young parents, even though those who pulled the victims from their car were black.

What Have We Learned?

Always attack a city camera from behind, never the front, unless you’re a murderer in Chicago, in which case the progressive news with blur your face so that you can continue your weekend butchery.