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[WATCH] Daily Dose of Downey: The War on Cops Heats Up, Portland Mob Riots for Dead Black Guy Until Learning He Was White

[WATCH] Daily Dose of Downey: The War on Cops Heats Up, Portland Mob Riots for Dead Black Guy Until Learning He Was White
(AP Photo/David Karp)

Incredible Invisible Man

Colorado police officer Gordon Beesley was ambushed and killed by a man with a deep hatred for cops. A “good Samaritan” hero fired at and killed the gunman but was shot and killed himself, potentially by backup police arriving on the scene. The internet is full of pictures of the police officer and the Samaritan, yet there are still no pics of the cop-hating miscreant. Weird, right? Is he a minority or a white, left-wing extremist? The media is holding back on the shooter’s race even though there were witnesses to the murder.


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Ebony, Then Ivory

Portland dolts rioted after a police-involved shooting and killing of a black man. Word spread on social media, and the usual suspects showed up to vandalize and riot. A police cruiser had its tires slashed and a window broken. One officer was blasted with pepper spray. The riot lost steam when the cops tweeted that the dead guy was actually white.

What’s more racist: assuming the dead criminal must have been black or bailing on the riot when you find out he was white and you no longer care? This is not the first time this has happened. Professional racists from BLM made the same mistake in April and also bailed on their planned rampage.

De-escalate This

Daytona Beach police officer Jason Raynor was shot and seriously injured Wednesday in a dark parking lot. The shooter has been identified as a member of a black extremist group called NFAC,  aka the “Not F***ing Around Coalition,” a paramilitary group dedicated to black liberation and black separatism. The officer’s body cam video shows us what can happen to police officers when they attempt to repeatedly de-escalate a situation non-violently, which is a battle cry of BLM and Antifa.


The police are offering a $100,000 reward for the arrest of the black extremist.

Raynor was shot in the head and is fighting for his life. No word from “President” Biden on black supremacist groups or the danger they pose.

A Bronx Tale

As I reported recently, there was a terrifying shooting in the Bronx that involved one coward using kids as human shields and the reprobate gangbanger oops I mean “youth group firearms enthusiast” who fired in their direction anyway.

The shooter, Michael Lopez, 27, is a member of the “Make It Happen Boyz” gang. He has been arrested five times before for charges that include robbery, attempted murder, conspiracy, criminal possession of a weapon, and unlawful disclosure of intimate images, the New York Post reported.

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Sane people will wonder why a guy arrested for attempted murder would be on the street with a chance to “make it happen” again and fire a gun so close to children. But sane people aren’t running New York City or New York state–Democrats are.

Feel Good Story to Start the Weekend

The war on cops continues to get worse, but we must keep our chins up. The good gals and guys of law enforcement are still winning. Here is a video with a happy ending. A man charges two cops with a knife. I won’t ruin it for you.

Watch man with knife run towards officers before they shot him



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