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'Defund the Police' Mayoral Candidate Dragged by Young Car Thieves

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File)

Atlanta city councilman and mega-liberal mayoral candidate Antonio Brown, who voted last year to defund the Atlanta Police Department by a whopping $73 million, was dragged alongside his car by kiddie-thieves stealing his 2016 Mercedes on Wednesday. The suspects were described as being between the ages of 7 and 11 years old.

Brown, who is running on a platform of “reimagining” the police, arrived at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at a new Dunkin Donuts-Baskin Robbins combo store around 12:30 p.m. Moments after he stepped out of his car, 4 kids swarmed into his keyless, push-button-start Mercedes and took off. Brown attempted to stop the kids, one of whom “acted like he had a gun.” Brown claimed he was dragged, “about a block” before he let go.

“As he started to speed up, and I knew that if I had not let go, I knew I probably could have killed myself because he was going so fast, I would have started to tumble. And I would have hurt him,” the councilman said, Fox News reported.

I have no idea how the child car thief would have gotten hurt in this scenario. I also have no idea how getting dragged “about a block” didn’t result in numerous injuries for Brown.

Brown’s Instagram, with a whopping (sarcasm) 3,454 followers, posted 10 pictures of the ribbon-cutting ceremony where he and his car were separated by children. The pictures have thus far garnered a staggering (more sarcasm) 114 likes.

“These kids were in my opinion somewhere between 7- and 11-years-old. So you don’t immediately think, ‘Oh, these kids are going to steal my car,'” Brown said.

Maybe Brown should “reimagine” giving that $73 million back to the police, as Atlanta is in the midst of a crime spree, like every other Democrat-run big city in the U.S. Atlanta shootings are up 40% and homicides are up 52% from this time last year.

The councilman claims it took police 45 minutes to arrive because 911 “incorrectly” assigned his call for help as low-priority dispatch.

The noble councilman said he doesn’t intend to file criminal charges against the young sweethearts who stole his car, which has not yet been found. He said the kids who stole his car acted out of “hopelessness” and “desperation.”

“This is a generational poverty issue. These kids, it’s 12:30 in the afternoon. Why aren’t they in school? Why aren’t we enforcing systems to ensure that if they are not in school, they’re in recreational centers?” Brown said, almost suggesting that afternoon ping pong is the secret to stopping crime. It was also not immediately clear how Antonio Brown knows the financial situations of the kids and their families, nor the generations that preceded them. Nor is there any data that proves a recreational center would have kept the kids from “desperately” purloining his wheels.

The councilman is under indictment for federal fraud charges.