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Bernie Sanders Doubles Down on His $15 Minimum Wage Hypocrisy

Bernie Sanders Doubles Down on His $15 Minimum Wage Hypocrisy
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Bernie Sanders has finally responded after complaints from his campaign staffers that he fails to live up to his $15 per hour minimum wage mantra. The 2020 presidential hopeful insisted to the Des Moines Register, “I’m very proud to be the first presidential candidate to recognize a union and to negotiate a union contract.” He added, “And that contract was ratified by the employees of the campaign, and it not only provides pay of at least $15 an hour, it also provides, I think, the best health care benefits that any employer can provide for our field organizers.”

Quoting the Bard, “Something is rotten in Denmark.” Or, rather, something is rotten in Bernie land. This, of course, isn’t a surprise to anyone not hypnotized by the promise of lots and lots of free stuff like health care and a college education.

During the heat of the 2016 presidential election, reports surfaced that Bernie Sanders had purchased a 3rd home. That’s right, the socialist lover of the common man and hater of the rich elite owns 3 houses. Like many others, I derived great amusement from teasing my Bernie-loving friends and family members about the Vermont senator’s hypocrisy. The leftists in my life were not amused. Well, turns out, Bernie Sanders is still a flaming hypocrite. Or, as Stephen Kruiser delicately worded it for PJ Media, “It would seem that Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.), that tireless champion of the poor, downtrodden, and underpaid is kind of full of it.”

Commenting on the complaints of Bernie staffers about their low pay, Kruiser insightfully suggests:

Sanders is an insufferable blowhard when pretending to care about others from one of his three houses. He routinely publicly shames corporations like McDonald’s about their profits, and demands they pay their employees more. Never mind that most McDonald’s restaurants are owned by franchisees and not the corporation; Sanders never lets business reality interfere with his redistribution rants.

The staffer complaints Kruiser commented on were first reported in The Washington Post. However, based on Sanders’ response recorded in the De Moines Register, his staffers are compensated at least $15 per hour. If that’s true, though, the wording of Sanders’ statements still highlights his hypocrisy.

Complaining that staffers would take their concerns to the media, Bernie Sanders blustering about his disappointment said, “Some are individuals that have decided to damage the integrity of that process before they were concluded.”

Before [the negotiations] were concluded.”

That’s Bernie Sanders clearly doubling down on his hypocrisy. Because it raises the question, assuming that he’s correct that all of his staffers get paid at least $15 per hour, why did his staff need to negotiate a raise in pay to begin with? Surely Comrade Sanders willfully distributes resources equitably, right?

Of course, not! Repeating Kruiser’s word, “Sanders is an insufferable blowhard.” The fact that his staffers needed to unionize to protect themselves from the “greedy” boss underlines Bernie Sanders’ hypocrisy. He can pat himself on the back all he wants while whining about staffers who complained to the media, but the fact remains that he had to be forced to pay his staff the minimum wage he wants to force on all business owners.