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Nancy Pelosi Wants to Turn America Non-American Again

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had some choice words for President Trump’s continued push to add a citizenship question to next year’s national census. According to her, the president wants, “to make America white again.” To that, I respond that Nancy Pelosi wants to make America non-American again and, hence, non-existent.

The pushback on the citizenship question is puzzling to me; I would think that all the citizens of any given country could agree, at the least, that defining who is part of the country and who is not is important. Otherwise, there’s no country. Nancy Pelosi and her anti-citizenship question cronies appear to want to turn America into a non-American blob of land filled with people disconnected from each other apart from a lemming-like desire pointed toward self-destruction.

If Pelosi gets her way and being a citizen is not required to be a part of this country, then I’m assuming that the same “right” will be extended to those of us who are citizens. I’m assuming that we’ll be allowed to denounce our citizenship and then define ourselves in whichever ways we want. If Pelosi gets her way, being American will be defined however you or I want, and we won’t need to agree on the definition.

If I’m allowed to be a part of something without actually being a part of it — being asked to commit to some level of fealty to the organization and its practices and procedures — then I’m allowed to define that organization in whichever ways serve me and only me. To bring it back down to the citizenship question, if American citizenship no longer has any meaning, then America no longer has any meaning. There’s no such thing as America at the end of Pelosi’s desired trajectory. And if there’s no such thing as America, then all bets are off.

As a non-citizen in this completely open-ended mass of land made up of people groups no longer connected by a singular attachment to a nation, I owe no level of support to any group, organization, or even series of codified laws unless I do so voluntarily. I mean, if the borders are thrown open and those not interested in citizenship are welcomed, then those not interested in citizenship will have to be allowed to stay on their terms. If citizenship doesn’t matter, neither do the governments of this now-undefined land — neither the federal, state, nor local governments. In other words, and for one example, if others are allowed to live here without paying taxes, then why should I pay taxes? For another example, why should anyone be willing to defend a country that has no transcendent existence or meaning? If we’re allowing people to define what it means to be American however they want, that same “right” must be extended to invading armies, too.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is all so very stupid and all so very real. What’s more, it’s destroying this country.

Nancy Pelosi and the leftist saboteurs of the United States of America that she runs with are attempting to push this country into an absurd non-existence out of irrational hatred for Donald Trump. It’s not racist to define what it means to be a citizen of a country. Likewise, it’s not racist to ask people on a census if they’re a citizen or not. And it’s not racist for a country to decide whether or not non-citizens are allowed to stay. Pelosi should look up what “cut your nose off to spite your face” means before she destroys the very nation she’s sworn to serve.