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The Tin Foil Hat Brigade Heads Explode over Thought of King Trump

The Tin Foil Hat Brigade Heads Explode over Thought of King Trump
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

After President Donald Trump retweeted a joke about how his term should be extended two years to make up for the two years stolen by the Mueller investigation, leftist heads exploded (if any leftists are reading this, I don’t literally mean heads exploded — it’s called hyperbole). Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has joined in the fear-mongering by claiming that President Trump won’t accept the outcome of the election if the Democrat nominee narrowly wins. Adding fuel to leftist conspiracy theories, Sarah Kendzior, a frequent on-air contributor for MSNBC, said yesterday morning that “Trump wants to be an autocrat.”

On yesterday’s episode of AM Joy, Kendzior labeled the Trump administration a “criminal enterprise.” She went on to add that “our sovereignty is threatened. Trump’s own people don’t seem to have total control of the government. They’re influenced by outside parties.”

Kendzior’s hand-wringing rant was prompted by the panel’s discussion about the Democrats working with the president on legislation. Demonstrating that she places ideology far above the good of this country, Kendzior doesn’t believe that the Democrats should work with President Trump. In her mind (that’s apparently plagued by leftist conspiracy theories) President Trump is working toward elevating himself as a Putin-style autocrat and the Republicans on the Hill are complicit because they love power.

With no evidence outside of their own blind hatred for all things Donald Trump, leftists are beginning to ratchet up the rhetoric that the president is planning on upending the Constitution and seating himself as the leader of this country for as long as he wants. Frankly, this all sounds eerily familiar.

I’m old enough to remember back to 2016 when some far-right conspiracy nuts were claiming that President Obama was going to declare martial law and refuse to leave office. That type of nonsensical fear-mongering wasn’t helpful then, and it’s not helpful now. Leftists need to ratchet down the conspiracy theories and focus on helping this country to improve. If they disagree with President Trump’s policies, they have the right (and duty) to express disagreement and vote against them. However, when and where the Democrats can work with the president and the GOP, they have a responsibility to their constituents and the country as a whole to do so. The childishness in D.C. needs to stop.