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Police Step Up to Make Prom Memorable for Special Needs Students

The police in this nation are among some of the most hardworking yet underappreciated men and women in this country. In fact, expressing appreciation for the police is liable to incite mob violence among this country’s SJWs. It’s not a stretch to say that police, who routinely place their lives on the line for their fellow citizens, are reviled by many. Demonstrating that the vitriol will not deter them from being a force for good, the police department in Boynton Beach, Fla., went out of their way to make prom night memorable for a group of special needs students.

After discovering that the students didn’t have dates, the police stepped up and did what they could to help make the night a success. Speaking to Patch, Boynton Police Department spokesperson Stephanie Slater said, “There was no shortage of volunteers.”

The police department found out about the need from a teacher in the Exceptional Student Education Program who is married to a retired police officer. He suggested that the department see if around six or so officers would be willing to escort the teens to their prom. According to Slater, ten officers, all off-duty, turned out to help.

Describing the heartwarming scene, Patch writes:

The officers first met up with the six special needs students for photos at the high school campus in nearby Greenacres, Florida, before heading to the beach-themed event at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach.

The special students and their teachers made quite the entrance in a police van.

“We got there and we all just immediately hit the dance floor,” said Slater. “The reaction from the students that we escorted was pure joy. The smiles never left their faces — or ours.”

Slater told Patch that some of the other students attending the prom were at first taken aback by the presence of so many police officers, but quickly realized what was happening. She added, “The reaction from the students that we escorted was pure joy. The smiles never left their faces — or ours.”

At a time when so many appear determined to demonize our hardworking policemen and women, it’s great to hear about examples of the generosity and warm-heartedness of our police. No doubt, there are many stories about the kindness of the police similar to this one that never receive any press.