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Trudeau Budget Panders to Feminists with a '281-Page Social Engineering Blueprint'

Trudeau Budget Panders to Feminists with a '281-Page Social Engineering Blueprint'
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My wife is Canadian, which means that I frequently hear complaints about Justin Trudeau, Canada’s clueless leader, from my in-laws. Once my in-laws (and every sane Canadian) read the details of Trudeau’s proposed budget, Donald Trump may need to build a wall on our northern border to prevent hordes of Canadians from entering our country. Not so much a budget as a progressive agenda, Justin Trudeau continues his goal of turning Canada into a progressive dystopian nightmare.

The Toronto-based complains,

The Liberal government has unveiled another free-spending budget that doubles down on a progressive agenda with billions to boost women in the workforce, to back a feminist foreign aid agenda, and improve Indigenous services, along with record support for science and innovation.

The 2018 fiscal blueprint — revealed by federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Tuesday — builds on priorities laid out by the Liberals in their previous two budgets. It especially eyes next year’s election with fuzzy promises of goodies to come such as a national pharmacare program — a clear play to steal votes from New Democrats who claim it as their idea.

Entitled “Equality + Growth” it is a fiscal and economic plan that Morneau says will lift workplace barriers to women, Indigenous people and youth and leverage their economic potential.

“What is a feminist foreign agenda and what does it have to do with economics,” you ask? Good question. According to,

Ottawa is pledging an additional $2.3 billion over five years for foreign aid with most of the funding earmarked to support the Liberals’ recently announced “feminist” international assistance efforts, aid that is focused on helping women and children. It prompted Bono, the lead singer of U2 and co-founder of The ONE Campaign to enthuse: “Oh Canada! Prime Minister Trudeau’s budget — and the smart, women-centered policy that guides it — is leadership in action.”

As pointed out by, “What’s not in the budget, once again, is any timeline to balance the books, nor any specific fund to backstop Canadian industries, workers or government revenues in case North American free trade talks collapse.”

Over at Convivium, senior writer Peter Stockland wisely points out, “Arguably, it’s barely a budget at all. It’s much more a 281-page social engineering blue print, with 76 pages of economic and fiscal outlook appendices tacked on to keep accounting types from lapsing into withdrawal.”

All sane people realize that Trudeau is simply pandering to feminists. However, as has been frequently pointed out, and a fact that causes progressives to stick their fingers in their ears and shout “misogynist,” the myth of the gender pay gap has been debunked. And debunked again. Debunked quite frequently, in fact. Trudeau is tanking the economic health of his country in order to pay homage to a myth and to keep his progressive pals happy.

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