Jimmy Kimmel Whitesplains Racism to Tim Scott

(Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)

Remember when it was racist for a white person to disagree with a black politician? I’m not sure when that whole phenomenon started, but it had its heyday around… oh, let me look… January 20, 2009, to January 20, 2017. At any point between those two dates, you couldn’t say anything that contradicted and/or criticized a black politician without being informed that you only hated him for the color of his skin. That was the only reason anybody would ever bother to dissent, we were told. Wanted lower taxes? Racist. Didn’t want socialized medicine? Racist. Noticed that William Ayers was a terrorist and Rev. Jeremiah Wright was an anti-Semite? Racist, racist, racist. That was the rule, and it was rigidly enforced by our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press, as well as many of their fellow Democrats.

These days, things are a bit more lax. Not only can a white dude disagree with a black politician, but he can even laugh at a black politician for claiming to know what it’s like to be black in America!

That’s what former comedian Jimmy Kimmel did last night on his talk show, which I don’t watch and neither do you:

An amazing thing happened after [Biden’s] speech. Every black Republican senator got together to let the American people know the Republican Party isn’t racist… And then Tim promptly returned to the sensory-deprivation egg he calls home.

Got that? The black guy doesn’t know what racism is, and he needs to have it whitesplained to him by Jimmy Kimmel. Tim Scott doesn’t live in the real world like Hollywood celebrity Jimmy Kimmel does, so Scott needs to be educated on how to be African-American by a guy who’s whiter than Edgar Winter drinking a glass of whole milk in a snowstorm.

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But in fairness to Jimmy Kimmel, he knows very well how racist America is. He knows the struggle of black people in our country. He knows what it’s like for a black person to be mocked and belittled and harassed. Why, just look at what this racist did on national TV 20 years ago:

The name of that racist: Jimmy Kimmel!

Kimmel was forced to grovel for forgiveness last year, decades after those sketches mocking Karl Malone aired on The Man Show. So now, insulting black Republicans seems to be part of his community service. It’s okay for a white man to stand up in front of the whole country and call a black man a liar, as long as that black man isn’t a Democrat.

Say, how many black people are on Jimmy Kimmel’s writing staff? Is it more than the number of black Republicans in the U.S. Senate, or fewer? That is, if Kimmel is correct that Tim Scott’s opinion doesn’t matter because he’s the only black Republican in the Senate, as opposed to the two black Democrats.

(By the way, the very first black U.S. senator was Hiram Rhodes Revels, who was elected in 1870 as a… Republican. Of course, that was a century before the magical “party switch” that libs always like to talk about, but it’s still fun to watch ’em seethe when you mention it.)

Even Kimmel doesn’t watch ABC News, apparently, because Kamala Harris went on Good Morning America and agreed with Sen. Scott that America isn’t a racist country:

So now I look forward to Jimmy Kimmel mocking her — ha ha ha ha ha now THAT’S funny!

Parting thought: Whenever you see a lib countering Sen. Scott’s assertion with an example of “systemic racism” in America, ask where the racist incident happened, and then ask which political party runs that city and/or state. Then get ready for the lib to get very, very angry.