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The Joker Wants You to Wear a Mask or Something

Joker wears a mask so the CDC says you should too. Screenshot from CDC ad you paid for.

Ahhh, masks. Wearing one has become an article of faith among our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left. During the early days of the pandemic, COVID Pope Anthony Fauci told us in no uncertain terms that we shouldn’t wear masks. Then, suddenly, you were a war criminal if you stepped outside your house without one. And Fauci rationalized lying to you, while still expecting you to trust him. In today’s America, “science” means doing whatever the science man tells you to do, even if it directly contradicts what he told you the day before.

So now we’re all supposed to wear masks, all the time, no matter what we’re doing or where we’re going or how many people are around us. If you don’t find that bewildering and annoying, you’ll love the new public service announcement cooked up by the CDC.

Ilyse Liffreing, Ad Age:

As the COVID vaccine continues to roll out across the country, it’s essential to remind people that wearing face masks is still necessary to help keep the virus at bay. The new vaccine might prevent people from getting sick, but it’s unknown whether it can prevent the virus from spreading to others.

WarnerMedia, the Ad Council and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are hoping to drive the mask-wearing message to audiences both young and old with a new spot that uses classic characters in scenes from popular films in the WarnerMedia universe.

The 30-second PSA features memorable moments from WarnerMedia films, played out with one caveat—all the characters are wearing masks, no matter the circumstances.

Did you follow that? We don’t know if the vaccine works, but somehow we know that masks work.

Here’s the ad. It’s…something, alright.

It’s too bad they didn’t use Jim Carrey as the Mask. Warner owns that, right? Would’ve been perfect.

Sure, Dr. Evil is trying to destroy the world, but he puts on a mask first so he doesn’t hurt anybody. Yeah, Pennywise literally eats children, but he doesn’t want to give them COVID first. The Joker murdered a talk-show host on live TV, but at least he set a good example for all those mask skeptics. (I don’t know anything about Harry Potter, but I’m sure the bad guy would never be so irresponsible as to walk around without a mask during a pandemic.)

Come to think of it, spreading a deadly virus is exactly the sort of thing the Joker would do in the comics. That’s a total Joker move! He’s an evil genius biochemist who loves sowing chaos while killing lots of people. It’s just another reminder that the Joaquin Phoenix version isn’t really the Joker. He’s just a sad, stupid loser in Clown White whose brightest idea is bringing a gun onto the set of a talk show.

As for Bogart:

Back when CGI was becoming more prevalent in the ’90s, a lot of people worried about the ethics of using it to bring back the dead for purposes they may or may not have agreed with. Like when Dirt Devil put out an ad showing Fred Astaire dancing with a vacuum cleaner. Now, nobody bats an eye when Warner digs up Bogart and Bergman for political purposes.

Are masks a good idea? Yeah, probably. Maybe? At this point, I don’t even know. States with mask mandates don’t seem to be doing any better than the ones without them, and in some cases they’re doing much worse. I wear one just because I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry, and because I don’t want to go viral when a crazy person starts screaming at me in the grocery store.

At this point I just hope the vaccine lets us return to something resembling normalcy. It would be nice if we all went back to hating each other for something other than masks.

Update: Never mind, the Joker is evil again. He’s only wearing one mask!

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