Election 2020

Trump Posts 'Dancing Pallbearers' Meme, Libs Recoil in Horror

(Facebook video screenshot)

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I don’t like Trump’s Twitter feed and his other internet use, and I wish he’d stop. I also realize he’s not going to stop, because he has absolutely no reason to stop. He’ll keep doing whatever he wants to do, just like he always has, and will continue to suffer no apparent ill effects. I don’t say this to “virtue signal,” whatever that even means anymore. On the contrary, I know my “virtue” means nothing. I’m not pretending that my personal opinion of the tweeting habits of the president of the United States is in any way significant or noteworthy. It’s not going to change any outcomes. I’m neither condemning nor condoning what you’re about to see. I’m just chronicling it, and the reaction to it.

Okay? Okay. So, with that out of the way, here’s a video Trump just shared with the world because it’s May 2020. It’s in reaction to Joe Biden’s disastrous interview with Charlamagne tha God last week. Joe messed up even worse than usual, so now he gets #owned online because that’s the way it works now:

Now, unless you’re Very Online like I am, you might not get why Trump thinks this is funny. For the last few months, those dancing pallbearers you just saw have become an Internet sensation. They’re featured in all sorts of memes like this. They even have their own Wikipedia page now. It’s a way of mocking people who do foolishly dangerous things, like driving a motorcycle off a cliff, performing some sort of insane acrobatic stunt, setting themselves on fire, crazy stuff like that. You see somebody doing something stupid, the peppy electronic music swells, and then suddenly it cuts to the dancing pallbearers. It’s like a punchline: “This guy did something stupid, and now… he’s dead!” It’s a sick, morbid joke, but that’s all it is: a joke. It’s a joke.


But if you hate Trump so much you can’t even think straight, then nothing Trump does is a joke. Nothing will ever be funny again until there’s another Democrat in the White House. Biden telling a black guy that he “ain’t black” unless he votes the way he’s supposed to vote, that’s obviously not meant to be taken seriously. But Trump mocking him for it? That’s just horrible. Shocking. An outrage.

Trump isn’t wishing Biden dead. He’s not a racist for posting a silly meme that can be found all over the internet right now, just because the guys in the meme are black. It’s a humorous reaction to a political opponent doing something incredibly foolish.

Those pallbearers don’t mind going viral online, by the way. Or at least they didn’t have a problem with it before Trump joined in the fun. Now they’ll probably be forced to put out a statement distancing themselves from him, or something boring like that.

What Biden said was dumb. That video mocking what Biden said was funny. You can agree with that, even if you don’t like Trump.

Seriously! You can think Trump is a jerk and think Trump isn’t Bad Racist Hitler Man. The two opinions are not mutually exclusive. It requires very little mental effort to see past the blinders you’ve put over your own eyes.

It’s okay to calm down for 30 seconds. You can do it, my friend. I believe in you.