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Leave Judy Alone: Lady at Bernie Rally Falls Off Motorized Scooter, Crawls on Floor, Bites Security Guard

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during a primary night election rally in Essex Junction, Vt., Tuesday, March 3, 2020. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Sometimes when you’re following a political campaign, you can lose sight of what it’s really all about: the people. Ordinary folks like you and me. We’re the ones these politicians are representing, not the other way around. With all the Democratic infighting and backbiting and other highly entertaining squabbles, we should keep in mind that this all comes down to the voters. And as we learned in 2016, the voters don’t always do as they’re told. They’re prone to misbehave. They can’t be tamed.

Sometimes they just want to party! Zulekha Pitts,

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders came to Phoenix on Thursday to speak to his Arizona supporters…

A Mesa woman, identified as 62-year-old Judy Louise Schafer, is accused of biting a security guard’s arm at the rally. The Arizona Department of Public Safety said Schafer seemed very drunk when she left her motorized scooter on the concourse level and started crawling on the floor at the rally. When the security guard asked her to get up, she bit him in the arm. After a DPS trooper asked her to get up, she refused and got combative. She went to the hospital and the security guard was treated.

According to KOLD-TV — which are the most awesome call letters ever — Schafer was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct.

Now, am I going to assert that Ms. Schafer was right to bite that security guard? No, I am not. It was wrong and she shouldn’t have done it. She owes that fellow an apology, and possibly the cost of a tetanus shot. But doesn’t she have the right to crawl wherever she wants? Is this the United States of America or Nazi Germany? “Jawohl, mein Gruppenfurher! I vill get back on ze motorized scooter mach schnell!” Is this really where we are as a society? Leave that woman alone!

I salute you, Judy Louise Schafer. I won’t ever vote for your preferred candidate, but you’re keeping the spirit of America alive. Party on, Judy!