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Now It's D.C. Firefighters Who Are 'Racists' for Playing the Circle Game

Over the past year, the OK sign has suddenly become a symbol of white power. I know this because the media keeps telling me so. A Chicago Cubs fan was banned from Wrigley Field for life for doing it. British actor and staunch liberal Stephen Fry was accused of white supremacy for doing it. Most recently, it was some West Point cadets. It didn’t matter that it was dumb and crazy to call somebody a racist for making a circle with their thumb and forefinger. People needed something to be angry about. Something to click on to escape the emptiness in their souls.

Less than a month later, now we’re back to this foolishness. CBS/AP:

D.C. Fire Department recruits might be making “white power” hand gesture in photo

A photo of fire department recruits possibly using a racist hand gesture is being investigated by District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services. CBS Washington, D.C. affiliate WUSA-TV reports that the agency said it was made aware of the photo Wednesday…

WUSA explains the gesture in the photo might be seen as “WP,” for “white power,” since extending three fingers is a possible “W” and the “circle” coming off an arm is a possible “P” — “WP.”

Yeah, see how the OK sign forms the letters “WP,” for “White Power”? Except these guys are holding the sign upside-down. It’s not “WP,” it’s “Md.” That’s the postal abbreviation for Maryland, which of course was a slave state. So that gesture might be seen as even more racist than the regular OK sign, if you’re an insane idiot.

Journos know by now that this gesture isn’t racist. They’ve Googled “Circle Game.” They know. They don’t care. This nonsense isn’t going to stop until the people being defamed like this start hitting back. They should sue these dumb journos for lying about them. Take away their incentive to trade their journalistic integrity for clicks. Make it hurt.

It’s working for Nick Sandmann. None of these creeps are ever going to lie about him again. They know they’ll pay dearly.

Journalists call themselves “firefighters.” Then they malign actual firefighters who’ve done nothing wrong. And they wonder why we all hate them.