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We Remember Michael Avenatti, Even If Nobody Else Does

We Remember Michael Avenatti, Even If Nobody Else Does
Michael Avenatti (AP Photo/Amanda Lee Myers)

If you’re reading PJ Media, and the paid section of PJ Media at that — Thank you, by the way! — then you probably know who Michael Avenatti is. He’s the angry bald lawyer who was a regular fixture on cable news last year, babbling endlessly about the lawsuit filed by his client, porn star Stormy Daniels, against Donald Trump. If you don’t remember all the particulars of the case, that’s okay. I don’t either. It doesn’t matter. It didn’t matter then, and it doesn’t now. The important thing here is that Avenatti made over 250 appearances on cable news last year.

He hobnobbed with CNN “journalists” and everything:

At one point, either Tweedledee or Tweedledum (sorry, I can’t tell them apart) cited Avenatti’s ubiquity on TV as a qualification for a presidential run:

Hell, Avenatti was even on The View:

People knew who this guy was, and yet they took him seriously. Libs carried him around on their shoulders because he was going to save America from Trump. Tucker Carlson dubbed him “Creepy Porn Lawyer” or “CPL,” and it made Avenatti angry because everything makes him angry, but then he wore it like a badge of honor. Being insulted by Tucker is a rite of passage for ambitious libs. (Just ask Lauren Duca!)

For one brief, shining moment, Michael Avenatti was a very big deal.

Then he suffered a few minor setbacks, I guess? I don’t remember all the details. But suffice it to say that Avenatti’s star has fallen. And last night on Jeopardy, that star crashed to earth and made the entire audience cringe:

Ouch. That pause, that utterly silent pause. Ouch.

So, what does this mean? You don’t get to be on Jeopardy by being stupid, or ignorant of current events. And yet none of those contestants knew the name Michael Avenatti. Either his months-long 2018 media tour made no impression on them whatsoever, or they vaguely recalled that Stormy Daniels had a lawyer but couldn’t remember his name.

All those accolades, all that adulation, and Avenatti has been forgotten already by the general public. He was nothing but grist for the 24/7 cable-news mill. And now that he’s been all ground up and is no longer of any use to them… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Either way, it doesn’t bother CPL one bit:

See? Michael Avenatti didn’t fail. You failed. Didn’t think about that one, didja? Huh? HUH???

And things are looking up for CPL on the legal front as well. This week, two of the charges against him in that Nike extortion case were dropped. Another charge was added, but still, it’s one less charge than before. That’s just math, people.

The trial starts in January. Maybe by then a Jeopardy contestant will be able to name him.

But probably not.