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Journalists and Other Democrats Mourn the Exit of Rep. Katie Hill (D-Calif.)

Journalists and Other Democrats Mourn the Exit of Rep. Katie Hill (D-Calif.)
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If you’re not familiar with the story of Representative Katie Hill (D-Calif.), I’ll try to sum it up: Last year, in response to the #MeToo movement, the House and Senate passed something called the Me Too Congress Act. It was designed to make it easier for congressional employees to report sexual harassment and hold lawmakers liable for it. Two weeks ago, Jennifer Van Laar at RedState reported that Rep. Hill was “involved in a long-term sexual relationship with a female campaign staffer” as part of a three-way “throuple” relationship that also included Hill’s husband, who she is now divorcing. Hill has since acknowledged that relationship. It’s also alleged that Hill was having an affair with her male legislative director, which she denies. A Democratic congresswoman got horny with her own staffers and Nancy Pelosi kicked her out.

In a way, Katie Hill has shattered the glass ceiling in Washington. The first member of Congress to be ousted under the new #MeToo rules is a woman. Not only that, but she’s a member of the LGBTQ community. No longer are privileged straight white males the only ones who are held accountable for their sexual misdeeds. We’ve moved past the dark days when men were the only ones to exploit power dynamics to have sex with their subordinates. This is a shining moment for the principles of representation and diversity, and the proponents of #MeToo are all proud of their work.

Just kidding! They’re super-bummed about the end of Hill’s brief political career. David Rutz, Washington Free Beacon:

Rep. Katie Hill’s (D., Calif.) resignation announcement this week had some members of the media in mourning over the Democratic “rising star…”

Much of the media coverage focused on Hill’s allegation that she was the victim of “revenge porn” distributed by her husband, whom she is divorcing.

But then, I guess it’s not a surprise to see so many employees of NBC News defending an alleged workplace sexual predator. They’ve had plenty of practice.

Note the narrative being spun around Hill’s ignominious fall from grace: She’s resigning over something she claims she didn’t do, because everybody saw her naked. She’s innocent, so she’s fighting back by running away. She’s a strong, independent woman, which is why she’s a helpless victim of the patriarchy.

Don’t have sex with people who work for you and you won’t have to leave Congress. Seems pretty simple to me, but then, I’m just a dumb blogger.

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