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Very Good Dog, Injured in al-Baghdadi Raid, Back on Duty

(Image via Twitter screenshot)

The death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is good news, unless you’re a terrorist and/or you hate Donald Trump so much that you can’t give him credit for anything. But a lot of people are concerned about one of the military dogs who helped track al-Baghdadi down, who was injured when that cowardly piece of garbage blew up himself and his children with a suicide bomb. Is that patriotic pupper doing okay?

Russ Read, Washington Examiner:

Though no U.S. forces were killed in the Saturday evening raid that led to the death of an ISIS leader, one military working dog suffered severe injuries in the line of duty.

The dog, whose name and breed remain unknown, chased Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi into a tunnel and cornered him. With no place to go, the terrorist leader blew himself up along with three of his children, who he was using as human shields.

But there’s good news! Initial reports overstated the severity of the dog’s wounds, and she’s already back on duty. And although her name isn’t being released, her face is now famous:

Uh-oh. Now that everybody has seen this doggo, her identity is about to go public. She’s gonna get…

( •_•)>⌐■-■


Seriously, though, I just have a few questions for this war hero:

  1. Who’s a good girl?
  2. Are you a good girl?
  3. Wanna go outside?
  4. Who is a good, good girl?

Sorry, cat-lovers, but you’ll never feel this sort of pride. Cats are useless on the battlefield. A cat would’ve just stared at al-Baghdadi as he ran away. A cat might’ve even helped him! Cats are cute, but you just can’t trust ’em when it counts.