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That Trump Tweet About Nickelback Made People Want to Listen to Nickelback

That Trump Tweet About Nickelback Made People Want to Listen to Nickelback
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Never let it be said that Donald Trump doesn’t help the less fortunate. He just took a once-forgotten Canadian band and made them suddenly relevant again in 2019 America. MAGA: Musicians Achieving Greatness Accidentally!

Scottie Andrew, CNN:

On October 2, President Donald Trump tweeted a meme targeting former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, set to Nickelback’s 2005 hit “Photograph.”

By October 3, streams of the song surged nearly 40% from two days earlier.

Listeners streamed the song and watched the music video more than 771,000 times in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s tweet, according to data from Nielsen Music.

That seems like a lot, especially considering it’s Nickelback and we’re almost in 2020. In addition, download sales of the song surged. So it’s been a good thing for the band, except when they have to explain why people are talking about one of their songs from 15 years ago. “Um, er, look, we don’t like him, but…”

Trump’s original tweet got taken down after the band’s label made a copyright claim, but people are still tweeting it out there. It’s pretty funny, unless you really like Joe Biden for some reason:

Something to do with that whole Urkaine thing, I think? I haven’t really been paying attention to that. The band hasn’t commented on the whole deal, but I’m sure they’re grateful that anybody still remembers who they are.

And if you hate Trump, now you have another reason to hate Trump. He reminded you of an annoying song by a band you never liked. He used bad music to #OwnTheLibs.

Speaking of which, he never did get a thank-you for helping A$AP Rocky get out of that Stockholm jail, did he?

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