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Ilhan Omar Headed for Another Divorce

(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

I’m not a big fan of Ilhan Omar’s brazen anti-Semitism or her theories about 9/11, but I haven’t paid much attention to the scuttlebutt about her personal life. There have been persistent rumors that her second husband was actually her brother, but that’s never been proven. It would be pretty funny if it were true, but as far as I know it’s not. Anyway, she left that guy and went back to her first husband, but now it looks like that’s kaput too.


Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is heading for splitsville with her husband — for the second time — TMZ has learned.

According to court records, obtained by TMZ, the freshman Representative — and member of the so-called “Squad” — filed for divorce Friday in Minnesota from her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, who is also the father of her 3 kids…

The Congresswoman has reportedly moved out of their place and into a penthouse apartment in Minneapolis.

This is after one of her campaign consultants, Tim Mynett, filed for divorce and his wife claimed he was leaving her for Rep. Omar. It’s like a soap opera up in here.

For all of Rep. Omar’s criticisms of America, this country certainly hasn’t limited her romantic prospects. It must be nice to be politically powerful and beloved by the media. She can do whatever she wants. All she really has to contend with is the occasional mean tweet from Trump, and she always uses that to play the victim. Which, to the left, is the same thing as a hero.

Usually, the divorce of a prominent politician is presented as proof of some personal failings. “If he can’t even get along with his wife, how’s he supposed to lead the rest of us?” But Rep. Omar isn’t a Republican, a white male, or a Christian. Therefore, any criticism of her behavior is proof of bigotry. So never mind.