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Is Joe Biden's Eye Okay?

Is Joe Biden's Eye Okay?

I don’t like Joe Biden’s policies or his track record, and I certainly wouldn’t vote for him to be president. I reserve the right to make fun of him when he messes up, which only happens every single time he’s in front of a camera. But I kinda like him as a person. Sorry if that makes me a cuck, but I can’t help it! He easily passes the “Would You Have a Beer with This Guy?” test that the media tells us is so important. (Bizarrely enough, Biden was the least embarrassing thing about the infamous “Beer Summit.”) I wouldn’t trust Biden to park my car, let alone preside over the United States of America, but he seems like a fun dude to talk to. He’s my second-favorite Democrat these days, right after Marianne Williamson. Not as political candidates, but as people.

So when I see Biden on TV and his eye starts filling with blood, it makes me worry about him.

That looks scary. If you’re concerned about his well-being, you want to know what happened. He didn’t appear to be in any pain, and he was speaking… well, he was speaking like Joe Biden. No apparent change. Is he okay? He’s had a couple of aneurysms. Is this related to that? Was it an allergic reaction to something? What’s the deal with Joe Biden’s blood-red eye?

I still don’t know, because after looking around for news coverage about it, all I could find were a couple of mentions in the Washington Times and Washington Examiner. Everybody’s talking about it on social media, and almost nobody’s talking about it in the news. Not even CNN, which hosted the debate where it happened.

Which makes sense, because Biden is a Democrat and the job of the press is to protect Democrats. This can’t be used against the Republicans, so the media will just ignore it and hope it goes away. That’s what they did when Hillary Clinton collapsed in the street and had to be tossed into a waiting van like a sack of potatoes. They just pretended it never happened, until they were forced to finally cover it. They want a Democrat in the White House, and they’ll ignore any story that interferes with that, as long as they can.

Regardless, here’s hoping Joe Biden is physically healthy and this was nothing. Because he’s a human being, but also because none of the other Democrats running for president in 2020 are nearly as much fun to mock.

P.S. Kudos to his social media team.

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