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Chris Cuomo Sneers at Rape Survivor Kimberly Corban

Chris Cuomo Sneers at Rape Survivor Kimberly Corban
(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

What do you get when you take the dumbest member of the dumbest family in New York, give him his own show on CNN, and tell him his opinions are important? You get Chris Cuomo, unfortunately. And today Cuomo said the most idiotic thing since whatever he said yesterday.

He was reacting to this, from NRA spokeswoman Kimberly Corban:

Even if you don’t like or agree with the NRA, you’d have to agree that Kim Corban has the right to her opinion about firearms. If a rape survivor says she’s never going to let it happen again, and insists upon her Second Amendment right to defend herself and her family, who’s going to tell her she’s wrong?

You guessed it. Mr. Let’s Get After It himself.

That’s right, Chris. Only in America. In any other country, a rape survivor would have a tougher time defending herself. It would be harder to prevent it from happening again. That’s one of the many reasons America is the greatest country in the world.

If Cuomo goes uncharacteristically silent after this, it’s because Corban isn’t going to let him victimize her either:

It seems unlikely that Cuomo has a sense of shame, or any sense at all. But if he manages not to dig himself an even deeper hole, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Cuomo has the most-watched show on CNN, coming in at #25 in basic cable last month. So, viewers like him slightly better than Don Lemon. That’s… something? As CNN lays off gives “voluntary buyouts” to more and more employees, Cuomo should be okay.

It could’ve been worse. He could’ve gone into the family business. At least this way, his dimwitted opinions can’t really hurt anybody.