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Chicago High School Falls for 'OK Sign' Hoax, Spends $53K Reprinting Yearbook

Chicago High School Falls for 'OK Sign' Hoax, Spends $53K Reprinting Yearbook
Oak Park and River Forest High School (Image via Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago, the Chicago Cubs banned a fan for playing the Circle Game on live TV. Supposedly, making a circle with your thumb and forefinger, commonly known as the “OK sign,” is now an indicator of white supremacy. Except, of course, it’s no such thing. The Cubs fell for a dumb hoax perpetrated by some Internet pranksters who wanted to see if they could trick people into believing that the most innocuous gesture in the world is actually bad. It worked.

Another pack of rubes in Chicago just fell for the same hoax, and it’s going to cost them a pretty penny. Steve Schering, Chicago Tribune:

The Oak Park and River Forest High School board has decided to reprint the 2018-2019 yearbook after more than a dozen photos of students engaging in the “circle game” were discovered inside.

The high school will pay Jostens $53,794 to reprint the yearbooks…

Last week, administrators announced the yearbooks would not be distributed in their current format after officials found 18 photos inside of students making an upside-down “OK” gesture. The school said the students flashing the sign were of “of various races, ethnicities, genders and grades…”

The “circle game” hand gesture began as part of a juvenile “made-you-look” game but has been appropriated in recent years by white supremacists.

Well, there you go. The obvious answer is that all those kids are white supremacists. They couldn’t just be playing a silly, harmless prank. It’s hate speech, clearly.

If somebody evil makes a gesture that lots of not-evil people make every day, that means those people are doing something evil. If an insane racist murders a bunch of people and then gives a thumbs-up, that means nobody else can do the thumbs-up gesture anymore. That’s how it works, because people are gullible morons.

By trying not to be seen as racists, these dummies keep handing victories to the actual racists. Why would you let some alt-right lowlife tell you which gestures you can and cannot make? Why take orders from a Nazi?

I suppose these kids have learned a valuable lesson: Adults can be ignorant cowards too.

All you guys have to do is be smarter than the racists. Why do you keep failing?

Made you look. Now hold still while I punch you in the shoulder.

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