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Anthony Weiner Gets Sprung (From Halfway House)

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It seems like only yesterday that Anthony Weiner was a liberal icon. He was a Democratic Party attack dog who was unafraid to say anything, at any volume level, as long as it made trouble for the Republicans. His righteous indignation was legendary:

About a year after that outburst, Weiner got caught sending a picture of his penis to a woman who was not his wife. He claimed he was hacked. He even blamed Andrew Breitbart. Despite the obfuscatory efforts of comrades such as Rachel Maddow, Weiner’s sexting activities were exposed* and he resigned from Congress in disgrace. A couple of years later he decided to run for mayor of NYC, and he did surprisingly well until he got himself into even more sexting trouble. (That astonishing fiasco is recorded for posterity in the film Weiner, which is both a gripping** documentary and a masterpiece of cringe comedy.) And a few years after that, all the libs who once defended him had to watch helplessly as he went to prison for sexting with an underage girl. He was even instrumental in keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House, due to those pesky emails on his computer. The Republicans never could have ruined Anthony Weiner the way Anthony Weiner did.

But now he’s done his time and he’s a free man. Nicole Darrah, Fox News:

Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former New York congressman and estranged husband of a top Hillary Clinton aide, was released Tuesday from the halfway house where he’d been serving time for sexting a 15-year-old girl.

Speaking to Fox News in the Bronx, Weiner said it feels “good to be out,” and said he hopes to spend time with his family “and make up for some lost time.”

“It feels good to be out.” Isn’t that what got him into trouble in the first place?

But everybody deserves a fourth or fifth chance. I’m glad Weiner is getting a fresh start, and I look forward to his inevitable return to politics. Not because I think that he’s right about anything, or that he’s a good public servant or a decent human being, but because I miss all the fun headlines.

Weiner Rises Again!

*I’m sorry.
**No I’m not.