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Terry McAuliffe Confuses Everybody, Probably on Purpose This Time

As Tyler O’Neil notes, earlier today Terry McAuliffe sent out the following cryptic message to his dozens of adoring fans:

What a delightful meme! What an amusing puzzle. Let’s try to decode it, shall we?

The alligator part is easy. “Alligator” has 9 letters. 9 is 4 plus 5. 4, 5. 45. DJT is POTUS 45. Alligator = Trump. Simple enough.

The crab is trickier. Hmmm… It’s the symbol for Cancer in the Zodiac, but McAuliffe is an Aquarius. (Let’s hope he’s not saying he’s ill!) Then there’s the Crab Nebula, so maybe McAuliffe is declaring he’s out of this world. Or maybe he’s bragging about his tough outer carapace that protects him from natural predators, like halibut and sea otters and octopuses. Octopii?

And then this thing I just read on the internet said this meme represents “someone supporting another person or thing.” So… Trump supports McAuliffe? That can’t be right.

McAuliffe has since explained it. Sort of?


Which still leaves the crab part unexplained. So… he’s the crab riding on top of the alligator’s head, which is what it will look like on election night after he beats Trump? Is that what he’s saying?

I think what it means is that it doesn’t mean anything. Ever since November 8, 2016, nothing has gone the way McAuliffe wants it to go. Nothing makes sense. So why keep trying to make sense out of it? In an insane world, the only sane reaction is Dadaism.

These guys need to get a move on, because Election 2020 can’t get started until every single Democrat over 35 runs for president.