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Liberals Sure Are Worried About Mike Pence

As an almost-lifelong Hoosier, I’m proud to watch Mike Pence live his life a heartbeat away from the presidency. I was taken aback when Trump picked him, but if they’d flipped the ticket, I would’ve gladly voted Pence/Trump. Over the past year, Pence has won me over by showing a more presidential comportment than the actual president. As far as I’m concerned, Pence will make a fine POTUS in 4-8 years. And a lot of liberals seem to agree that it’s a done deal, because they can’t stop shrieking about how awful he is.

We saw it at the Winter Olympics, where the American media fell all over themselves to praise North Korea’s Kim Yo-jong because she and Pence snubbed each other. Sure, that woman is complicit in enslaving an entire nation, but our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters sure don’t like that Pence guy!

Then figure skater Adam Rippon spent so much time talking about how much he hates Pence, he forgot how to skate at an Olympic level. Nobody cares who won the gold, because Rippon is the skater who’s #woke and he’s always good for a soundbite that’ll go viral. In response to Rippon’s constant stream of insults, Pence did nothing but wish Rippon well. It’s kind of tough to wage a feud when the other guy just responds with a shrug.

Then there was Joy Behar saying Pence is crazy for talking to God, which was a surgical strike of an insult that only targeted about, oh, 70 percent of America. Behar eventually apologized, which indicates where the line is in 2018. As it turns out, a lot of the women who watch The View during the week also go to church on Sunday, and advertisers don’t want idiots like Joy Behar alienating them.

The anti-Pence hostility didn’t even take a day off for St. Patrick’s Day:

NOTE: Pence’s day was not ruined. He doesn’t pay attention to this nonsense. He’s not Trump.

The #Resistance is so upset about the inevitable Pence presidency that they’re now going after his daughter Charlotte. She just published a non-political children’s book for charity, titled Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President. (Marlon Bundo is the name of the Pence family’s pet rabbit, which would be considered the cutest thing ever if Pence was a Democrat.) And so of course, HBO’s John Oliver had to turn it into something mean and ugly. How dare the daughter of a Republican publish a kids’ book about a bunny rabbit and give the money to a good cause?

Here’s Oliver being characteristically awful about it:

If you couldn’t sit through all that, the short version is that Oliver has already published a parody of Charlotte Pence’s book, in which the bunny rabbit is gay and Mike Pence is an evil villain. Which is… fine? I guess?

Showing more grace than her detractors ever will, Charlotte has responded:

“I think imitation is the most sincere form of flattery in a way. But also, in all seriousness, his book is contributing to charities that I think we can all get behind. We have two books that are giving to charities, [and] that are about bunnies, so I’m all for it, really.”

Wow, John Oliver sure showed her or something.

Oliver’s spiteful parody book is now #1 at Amazon, which is almost as good as winning a presidential election against the guy you begged the Republicans to nominate.

Mike Pence doesn’t need my advice, obviously, but I encourage him to keep doing what he’s been doing: Nothing. Just stay low-key, Mike. Keep your mouth shut and let everybody else, inside and outside the White House, wear themselves out attacking each other. Stay out of these petty feuds. Be the better man. Run out the clock while guys like John Oliver stumble around trying to get a “gotcha.” Let them make fools of themselves, while you just smile and wave.

I can’t wait until these idiots stop sobbing about Vice President Pence and start sobbing about President Pence.