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Bizarre Performance of 'Tree Murder Song' at Seattle City Council Meeting Goes Viral—for All the Wrong Reasons

(Image via Twitter)

The longer I live in the Pacific Northwest, the more envious I become of those of you who live in real America.

Last week, a group of activists testified at the Seattle City Council meeting. The video went viral, because … I mean … my goodness.

The activists represent a group called Don’t Clearcut Seattle! They showed up to comment on the city’s tree ordinance. According to KING 5 News:

The group is urging the city council to update Seattle’s tree ordinance and prevent urban forests from getting chopped for development.

Save Our Trees writes, “With increasing development Seattle is losing its trees and tree canopy volume.” The group says Seattle has lax enforcement of the Tree Protection Ordinance and has not updated protections of trees and urban forests, like other cities have.

So, to make their point, they testified in song. And costumes. And … well … I’ll let KING 5 take it from here:

Suzanne Grant approached the microphone during public comment of Wednesday’s Land Use & Neighborhoods Committee meeting. She was flanked by fellow tree rights activists, including one woman dressed in bright green with a leafy headdress.

Grant’s passionate performance includes the lyrics: “A magnificent tree was murdered. The mighty dollar cut it down.”

Here it is, in all its glory.

Come on, everybody sing!

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